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close up view of a circular chart about energy efficiency

A Home Seller’s Guide to Energy Performance Certificates

This sales article outlines what sellers need to know about Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).

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Small Business Saturday word abstract - text in vintage letterpress wood type with a blank price tag, holiday shopping concept

Let’s Shop Local in Bourne this Saturday!

Shop local this Small Business Saturday!

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Wooden cube blocks with scammer and house symbols. Real estate scam concept

How Bourne Landlords Can Outsmart Property Fraudsters

This lettings piece explains why landlords should sign up to the Land Registry’s property alert service.

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Young caucasian woman holding a house model isolated on blue background looking sideways with doubtful and skeptical expression.

Should You Sell Your Bourne Home? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

This sales article introduces the original concept of offering homeowners a quiz to see if they’re ready to move home

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house model and keys

Do You Have What It Takes to Be Bourne’s Top Landlord?

This lettings article encourages landlords to engage with your agency through a quick quiz. It’s a fun way of highlighting the importance of choosing a letting expert to work with.

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man spray foaming walls

What Property Owners in Bourne Need to Know about Spray Foam Insulation

This sales article examines the problems associated with spray foam insulation and what they mean for homeowners.

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teenage girl on her phone among boxes in her new home

Moving Thoughts from a Teenager’s Perspective

This sales article looks at what’s on teenagers’ minds when faced with moving home.

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Hand using smartphone with Social media concept.

Be Kind Online and Make Social Media a Better Place

This community interest article examines how people can be kind to themselves and others on Social Media Kindness Day.

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landlord handing keys over

Five Rental Myths That Haunt Bourne Landlords

This lettings piece looks at the most common renting myths – and how to dispel them.

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firework night celebration

Great Ways to Enjoy Bonfire Night (without Fireworks)

In this community interest article, we look at ways to have fun on Bonfire Night that don’t involve fireworks.

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autumnal house model with keys

Why Now, More Than Ever, You Need an Expert Estate Agent

This sales piece explains how the expertise and experience of an agent are crucial in a tougher market.

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landlord working out property costs

The Landlord, the Tenant and the Insurance: A Real-Life Warning

This lettings article is a cautionary tale about making sure landlords have the correct insurance down to the smallest detail

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