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Young caucasian woman holding a house model isolated on blue background looking sideways with doubtful and skeptical expression.

Should You Sell Your Bourne Home? Take Our Quiz to Find Out!

This sales article introduces the original concept of offering homeowners a quiz to see if they’re ready to move home

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teenage girl on her phone among boxes in her new home

Moving Thoughts from a Teenager’s Perspective

This sales article looks at what’s on teenagers’ minds when faced with moving home.

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autumnal house model with keys

Why Now, More Than Ever, You Need an Expert Estate Agent

This sales piece explains how the expertise and experience of an agent are crucial in a tougher market.

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Red graph chart rising up on stack coins and house model on wooden table white wall background

Don’t Fall for These Valuation Myths for Your Bourne Property

This sales article aims to educate the reader about common property valuation myths

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hand picking up a wooden model house

How to Find Your Dream Home and Avoid Common Property-Buying Blunders

This sales article gives tips on how buyers can fine-tune and fast-track their property search.

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magnifying glass searching for houses

The Best Time to List Your Home When You’re Looking to Move

This week’s sales piece outlines the benefits of listing your home before hunting for a new place to buy.

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happy couple receiving new home keys

The Six Different Types of Homebuyers Sellers Need to Know About

This week’s sales article looks at the different types of homebuyers and how to target them.

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Real estate agent shakes hands with customer after finished contract after selling their property

Property Negotiations: Tips to Help You Seal a Successful Deal

This week’s sales article explains how to negotiate a better deal once an offer for your property comes in.

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The key was inserted into the door of the new house, inside the room was a cardboard box containing personal belongings and furniture.

Six Must-Ask Questions for Couples Buying a Property Together

Today’s sales article looks at the important things couples should discuss before they start their property search.

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Woman holding house model in hand and calculating financial chart for investment to buying property.

Want to Celebrate Christmas in Your New Home? Then Act Now!

This sales article encourages sellers to get the ball rolling on their property sale if they want it finalised by Christmas.

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Red For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of Beautiful New Home.

What Is Next-Door Syndrome and Could It Affect Your Property Sale?

This week’s sales article looks at the importance of being realistic when pricing your property for sale.

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camera taking property photos of a kitchen

Why Good Property Photos Are an Essential Step in the Sales Process

In this week’s sales article, we drive home the importance of sprucing up a property before photographs are taken.

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