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Real estate inheritance concept and contract agreement.

Inheriting a Rental Property: Options and Responsibilities Explained

This lettings piece explains what people need to know if they inherit a tenanted property.

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people pointing at a model house- property investment concept

Bourne Landlords: Discover the Five Fundamentals of a Great Rental Property

There are five fundamentals to consider when thinking of buying a rental property. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or taking your first step into the rental property market, make sure you understand what makes a place a good investment.

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Man with inspection checklist in front of a white wall with a long crack or rip and a piece of plaster missing, rental damage concept.

Five Inspection Tips Every Bourne Landlord Needs to Know

This article provides the lowdown on five key areas that you need to focus on during your inspections.

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Shot of an affectionate couple moving into a new place

What Bourne Couples Need to Know before Moving In Together

This article looks at what couples need to know before moving into a rental property together.

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