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Stress-Busting Tips for Property Management in Bourne

In this two-minute read, we show you how to keep calm and in control when letting your Bourne property.

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Everything Bourne Landlords Need to Know About the Looming EICR Deadline!

As the Electrical Checking deadline looms for Bourne Landlords, we look at what an EICR and how quick you need to act!

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0102 mouldy window

What Bourne Landlords Can Learn from the Mouldy Nation Report

A brief look through the Mouldy Nation Report (yes this does exist) and what it reveals about a Tenant/Landlord relationship!

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First-Time Landlord in Bourne? Here’s Some Top Tips!

In today's latest lettings blog post we take a look at the top tips that we can give to First Time Landlords in Bourne!

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180121 Blue Monday 2

How Landlords in Bourne Can Beat the Blues

Today we look at three things you should be doing as a Landlord to prevent issues at your rental property, unless of course we manage your property as this is all taken care of for you!

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New Government Announcement on Evictions during the COVID-19 Pandemic...

As overview of the changes that the Communities Secretary has announced to the private rental sector today.

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Five Things That Changed in the Rental Sector in 2020

A brief look over how trends in the rental market have changed throughout 2020!

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