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170524 Discover Our Area’s Roots This Local History Month

Discover Our Area’s Roots This Local History Month

Here are five tips to help you get started if you’re finding out more about our area’s past.

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Property Viewings: Should Sellers Stay In or Go Out?

Viewings are an opportunity for buyers to visualise themselves living in the property. Having the owner present can be off-putting.. Lets find out more.

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Five Things You Should Know about Owning a Buy-to-Let Abroad

While it’s impossible to guarantee blue skies and sunshine in the UK, you may find returns and occupancy rates here in Bourne offer greater certainty.

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How Bourne Can Create a Better Community over a Cuppa

Participating in events like Time for a Cuppa Week not only raises awareness about dementia but can also generate funds for essential research and support services, making every sip count towards a noble cause.

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How Mortgages Differ around the World – A Guide for Bourne Homeowners

If you’re paying off a mortgage on a property in Bourne, you’ll be well aware of how the mortgage market works in the UK. But how do they do things in the rest of the world?

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Wacky and Weird Marathon Moments 

The London Marathon is the single biggest annual fundraising event in the world. Let’s look at some of the eyebrow-raising antics of previous London Marathons.

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Six Buzzing Tips to Welcome Bees and Birds in Bourne

Here are six simple tips to make your garden the place to be for these helpful visitors.

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Stress-Busting Tips with a Twist

April is Stress Awareness Month, a perfect time to discover new relaxation and stress relief techniques.

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Easter Traditions from across the Globe

This community interest article looks at some of the different ways nations celebrate Easter.

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Spring Cleaning: Clear the Clutter from Your Bourne Home by Tossing Out These 12 Things

This community interest article suggests 12 things to toss out during your spring clean declutter.

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person throwing away food waste into a bin

Combat Food Waste: Bourne's Essential Tips

From 18 – 24 March, Food Waste Action Week is happening across the UK.

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New Scam Alert for Bourne Homeowners

This community interest article warns homeowners about the latest property-related scam doing the rounds.

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