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Small Business Saturday word abstract - text in vintage letterpress wood type with a blank price tag, holiday shopping concept

Let’s Shop Local in Bourne this Saturday!

Shop local this Small Business Saturday!

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man spray foaming walls

What Property Owners in Bourne Need to Know about Spray Foam Insulation

This sales article examines the problems associated with spray foam insulation and what they mean for homeowners.

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Hand using smartphone with Social media concept.

Be Kind Online and Make Social Media a Better Place

This community interest article examines how people can be kind to themselves and others on Social Media Kindness Day.

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firework night celebration

Great Ways to Enjoy Bonfire Night (without Fireworks)

In this community interest article, we look at ways to have fun on Bonfire Night that don’t involve fireworks.

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A shop local sign on a chalk board in Norwich, UK

Why It Pays to Shop Local

This week’s community interest article explains the benefits – to consumers and communities – of shopping locally.

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Stock photo of a blue balloon on a blue background with a sad face drawn. Blue monday concept

How to Deal with the Change in Seasons

This community article offers advice on how to cope if the changing season affects your mood.

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Black Lives Matter. Multiracial human hands raised with clenched fists and love icon, isolated on a light background. Emancipation, diversity, inclusiveness, and human rights. Black History Month.

Honouring Trailblazers: Black Britons Who’ve Shaped Our Nation

This week’s community interest article marks Black History Month by celebrating five British trailblazers.

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Flat lay composition with beautiful gift boxes on color background

The Boring Gift Guide You Never Knew You Needed

In this week’s community interest article, we look at some gift ideas to help you save money and time.

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pumpkin patch

Make the Most of Autumn with Our Fun Activity Guide

This week’s community interest article is all about activities for Autumn.

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Small house with rental label

Why It Could Be Better to Rent Out Your Property Rather Than Sell 

In this week’s lettings article, we explore why (and when) sellers should consider renting out their property instead.

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Woman taking picture of her used clothes, she is selling her clothing online

How to Become an Ace Bargain Hunter during Second-Hand September

This week’s community interest article advises about how to find the best charity shop bargains.

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Design sofa, tropical plant, pillows, blanket, gramophone, and mock up picture frames are all featured in this stylish Scandinavian white room. Modern living area with white walls and brown oak parque.

Five Ways to Make Your Home a More Joyful Place

In this week’s community interest article, we look at inexpensive ways to make your property a more joyful place.

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