Report a Maintenance Issue

To report any maintenance issues, please click the ‘Report Maintenance’ button below.

In an Emergency

Initial Procedures to keep you safe and prevent further damage

  • Smell Gas – Turn your gas off at the meter by turning the valve and call 0800 111 999.
  • Boiler Breakdown – Turn off the boiler and wait further instructions from a professional tradesman.
  • Electrical fire – Turn all switches to the off position at your consumer unit.
  • Water Leak – Turn your water off at the Stop Tap
  • Sewerage leak or blockage – Call your water supplier in the first instance as they are often liable for the unblockage of shared drains.

During office opening hours please call us to report directly. Do not use the FIXFLO link below unless the matter is minor.


Out of office hours procedure;

Call the office number to reach our out of office call answering service. Please only call in an emergency (e.g. If you have no heating/hot water, no electrics at all or you have any major plumbing leaks). Please also report via FIXFLO to ensure we receive the message once we re-open.

The person who answers your call will take details of the repair and will decide whether it is deemed urgent. If it is deemed urgent, a message will be passed to a member of the team who will aim to call you within 24 hours. Please bear in mind that it is very difficult to arrange out of hours contractors so please bear with us.

Should you call out our engineers out of hours and it is not deemed an emergency you may be charged the additional call out.

During cold weather we have a lot of reports of boilers breaking down due to the condensate pipe freezing up. Please do check this is not frozen before calling. Alternatively it could be the pressure on the boiler system which needs to be topped up. Both are in fact tenant liability and can be easily resolved at home. There are many self-help guides on YouTube which can help you with both matters should they occur during this time.