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hand juggling house models- landlord concept

Reducing Void Costs for Oakham Landlords

Every landlord faces void periods as a natural part of property letting, making it essential to prepare financially and strategically to manage its impact.

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Wooden toy house protected by hands. Home insurance concept

How to Avoid an Expensive Insurance Claim at Your Oakham Rental

This lettings article looks at how landlords can prevent the most common reason for an insurance claim.

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Real estate inheritance concept and contract agreement.

Inherited a Rental Property in Oakham? Here Are Your Options

This lettings piece explains what people need to know if they inherit a tenanted property.

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people pointing at house model- investment concept

Oakham Landlords: Discover the Five Fundamentals of a Great Rental Property

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or taking your first step into the rental property market, make sure you understand what makes a place a good investment.

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Man with inspection checklist in front of a white wall with a long crack or rip and a piece of plaster missing, rental damage concept.

FAO Oakham Landlords: Five Key Checks for Your Rental Property

This article provides the lowdown on five key areas you need to focus on during your inspections.

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Shot of an affectionate couple moving into a new place

What You Should Know before You and Your Partner Live Together

This article looks at what couples need to know before moving into a rental property together.

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Renters Reform Bill: An Update for Oakham Landlords

This piece is a general explainer about why landlords should contact their agent and discuss the proposed changes coming in the Renters Reform Bill.

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Mold in the corner of the plastic windows.

Say Goodbye to Condensation: Quick Tips for Oakham Tenants

We’ve come up with seven quick fixes that can dramatically reduce the risk of condensation, ensuring your home stays fresh and clean.

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Choosing a home to buy. Suitable housing options. Offers on real estate market. Finding affordable prices. Households with debts. Buildings with violations, illegal structures. Realtor service.

The Telltale Signs Your Oakham Property Is Being Illegally Sublet

This lettings article explains the dangers of illegal subletting and how to spot the signs it’s happening.

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Search and selection of homes for purchase or rent. Many house models and one red with heart

Is Your Oakham Rental On Trend? How the Lettings Market Stacks Up Today 

This week’s lettings piece looks at tenant trends over the past ten years – and what renters are looking for today.

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Small house with rental label

Why It Could Be Better to Rent Out Your Property Rather Than Sell 

In this week’s lettings article, we explore why (and when) sellers should consider renting out their property instead.

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house share men hanging out in the kitchen

Top Rules for a Happy House Share

In this week’s lettings article, we look at ways tenants can have a happy house share by sticking to some basic rules.

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