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Avoid These Five Common Gardening Mistakes This July

Here are five common gardening mistakes to avoid this July, along with tips to keep your garden thriving.

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The Impact of AI on the Rental Sector: A Look Ahead

Here’s a glimpse into the potential changes AI could bring while also highlighting the importance of letting agents in handling the human aspects of renting out your property.

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Tropicore – The Hot New Interiors Trend

Here are some tips on bringing a taste of tropicore to your favourite spaces.

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landlord dilemma

Test Your Landlord Knowledge – How Would You Deal with These Dilemmas?

Even the most experienced landlords can encounter questions they’ve never discussed before. This is why it pays to use the expertise of professionals. 

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For sale sign with house in the background made with Ai generatice technology, property is fictional

Material Information: What Sellers Should Disclose When Listing a Property in Oakham

Before you list your home, be prepared for your estate agent to go on a fact-finding mission. They’ll ask you lots of questions about your property because they’re following industry best practice by compiling what’s known as ‘material information’.

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Sign the agreement The Concept of Legal Procedure and Litigation.

Eight Things to Consider if a Tenant Abandons Your Rental

Property abandonment is a rare but complex issue that, if mishandled, can get a landlord in legal trouble.

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multi generation

Here are some tips to help you find a home that suits young and old – and everyone in between

Here are some tips to help you find a home that suits young and old – and everyone in between.

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Six Security Tips for Oakham Homeowners Going on Holiday

With the excitement of the summer holiday season upon us, making sure your home is safe and secure while you’re away sunning yourself needs to be on your to-do list.

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Clean Pastel 3D Piggy Bank and Coins Isolated Illustration. Representing Saving Money, Financial Planning, Home Loan, Real Property, and Capital Investment.

Deposit Deductions: What a Landlord Can and Can’t Claim for

Let’s look at what’s reasonable to claim and how to avoid deposit disputes in the first place.

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What Home Sellers Can Learn from Wimbledon Champions

Let’s look at ways in which the qualities of Wimbledon winners align with those of successful estate agents.

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Pink climbing rose growing outside house in England, UK

Six Ways to Prepare Your Home for a Summer Sale

Could the start of summer also be a turning point in your property journey?

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Real estate agent’s hand holding wooden house model from natural material, buy sell, rent and best offer,  finding your new home concept

Using the Five Senses to Find Your Dream Home

In isolation, the five senses are helpful, but when combined, they’re invaluable when assessing the merits of a potential new home.

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