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digital tax concept- hands using a laptop

Making Tax Digital: A Timeline for Oakham Landlords on the Upcoming Changes

This lettings article explains what landlords need to know about Making Tax Digital.

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modern home interior- bedside table and headboard

Boost Your Oakham Home’s Sales Appeal in Five Steps

This article will give you five easy-to-follow tips highlighting how effectively staging your home can boost its appeal to potential buyers.

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hand juggling house models- landlord concept

Reducing Void Costs for Oakham Landlords

Every landlord faces void periods as a natural part of property letting, making it essential to prepare financially and strategically to manage its impact.

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Hands holding a silhouette of a human head

Stress Awareness Month: Fresh Ways to Chill Out in Oakham

April is Stress Awareness Month, a perfect time to discover new relaxation and stress relief techniques.

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Wooden toy house protected by hands. Home insurance concept

How to Avoid an Expensive Insurance Claim at Your Oakham Rental

This lettings article looks at how landlords can prevent the most common reason for an insurance claim.

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House model and question symbol in hand close up with copy space

Oakham Homeowners: Be Prepared for These Questions from Buyers

You can always tell when someone is really interested in buying your home by the number of questions they ask. In our experience, those less-asked questions highlight how interested a potential buyer is.

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A Chocolate easter cake with a nest of edible eggs.

Easter Traditions from across the Globe

This community interest article looks at some of the different ways nations celebrate Easter.

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Real estate inheritance concept and contract agreement.

Inherited a Rental Property in Oakham? Here Are Your Options

This lettings piece explains what people need to know if they inherit a tenanted property.

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Spring cleaning concept - cleaning supplies and flowers on blur background, copy space

Spring Clean Your Oakham Home by Turfing Out These 12 Things

This community interest article suggests 12 things to toss out during your spring clean declutter.

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Wooden house with broken heart on bright orange background.

Oakham Home Sellers Beware: How to Spot an Unethical Estate Agent

Selling your home is a significant life event, and the last thing you want is to be misled by the unscrupulous practices of a minority of estate agents.

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people pointing at house model- investment concept

Oakham Landlords: Discover the Five Fundamentals of a Great Rental Property

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or taking your first step into the rental property market, make sure you understand what makes a place a good investment.

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On a branch speckled with flowers, a key dangles, hinting at the joys of homeownership and new starts. A key ring with a house shape hangs on a blooming branch, embodying home dreams.

Spring Forward: A Quick Guide to Selling Your Oakham Home

If you’re mulling over a move in 2024, the spring months between March and May could be the perfect time to sell your property.

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