Stress-Busting Tips with a Twist

It’s been described as a curse of modern times.

It’s omnipresent in most of our everyday lives.

And for some, its impact is dangerous and, in the worst-case scenarios, deadly.

In the tune of the 1990 hip-hop hit – let’s talk about stress.

Hands holding a silhouette of a human head,

April is Stress Awareness Month, a perfect time to discover new relaxation and stress relief techniques.

Beyond the usual advice, let’s take a look at some pretty unique activities:

Forest bathing: Immerse yourself in nature with forest bathing, a practice proven to reduce stress hormones and boost mood. A good walk in the woods should do it.

Sound healing: Experience how Tibetan singing bowls and other instruments use vibrations to soothe the mind and relieve stress.

Ecotherapy: Connecting with the earth through activities like gardening or conservation is proven to help people find more inner peace.

Laughter yoga: Merge laughter with yoga breathing for a fun way to reduce stress and improve health.

Adult colouring: The simple act of colouring can focus the mind and provide a stress-free escape. Switch off your phone and get your colouring pencils out.

Virtual reality relaxation: Step into another world with VR. From peaceful beaches to serene forests, VR can transport you away from daily stressors, providing a unique form of relaxation.

DIY craft projects: Engaging in crafts, from knitting to DIY home décor, can be meditative and reduce anxiety. The focus required helps divert attention from stressors to the task at hand, promoting a sense of achievement and calm.

Stress-free property experience

This April, and every month of the year, we’re committed to offering a seamless and stress-free estate agency experience. Whether you’re buying or selling, letting or renting, we aim to simplify the process, ensuring you feel supported and at ease from start to finish.

We might even throw in a bit of laughter yoga for you.

Thanks for reading.