Spring Cleaning: Clear the Clutter from Your Bourne Home by Tossing Out These 12 Things

Don’t have time to be a domestic god or goddess and give your home a full spring clean?

Well, why not do the next best thing and declutter a few key areas of your property.

Scientific studies have shown that clutter can negatively impact mental health and productivity.

Spring cleaning concept - cleaning supplies and flowers on blur background, copy space

So, by turfing out unwanted and unnecessary items, you’ll face spring with a greater sense of calm and focus.

Here’s a list of things you should purge from your property this spring.

In the kitchen

Raid the freezer and throw out anything that’s been there for more than a year – if you haven’t eaten it by now, it’s unlikely that you ever will, and it’s just taking up valuable space.

Also, go through your pantry and bin out-of-date items such as condiments and tinned food.

Cooking oils can also degrade over time, so if it’s a bit on the nose, it’s got to go.

Now it’s time to turn your attention to your Tupperware drawer. Any plastic containers that don’t have a lid should go in the recycling bin.


Dispose of out-of-date medicines and old cosmetics (which can cause skin and eye irritation). Also, check the expiry date on sunscreen products, which typically have a three-year shelf life. Expired sunscreen can increase the risk of sunburn and skin damage.

If you have a stash of hotel toiletries rolling around in the back of a drawer, ask yourself if you’ll ever use them. If the honest answer is no, give them to someone who will.


One of life’s mysteries is that socks always seem to vanish into thin air.

Where do they go? We don’t know. But it’s time to face facts and ditch that

pile of single socks you’ve been holding onto in the vain hope that you’ll be able to make a pair someday soon. It’s not going to happen.

Other items to get rid of include unused coat hangers, underwear that’s seen better days (your lucky pants may have lost their magic) and knackered pillows that are as flat as pancakes (they’re probably harbouring dust mites).

From all of us here at Newton Fallowell Bourne, happy decluttering.