Moving Thoughts from a Teenager’s Perspective

There’s a lot to consider when you start thinking about moving home.

This includes things like:

  • What the new monthly mortgage payments will be?
  • What’s parking like at the new place?
  • Are the new neighbours friendly?

It’s a massive decision to sell up and buy elsewhere.

teenage girl on her phone among boxes in her new home

When families are involved, our advice is to make your children feel part of the process, and listening to their thoughts, concerns and ideas helps them (and you) get your head around things.

We asked a 16-year-old whose family recently sold and moved to another home what was on his mind during the process.

It makes interesting reading.

A bag of mixed emotions

“My first thoughts were a bag of mixed emotions. I was excited about the prospect of getting a bigger room. But when the decision was made that we were selling our old home, I thought, oh no, they are going to make me pack and tidy my room.

Domestic strains and paint shades

I was also worried that Mum and Dad might be stressed 24/7 because of renovating, and will they ever stop arguing over paint colours?

Friendships and farewells

I felt sad to be leaving my neighbour, who I was best friends with, but she moved away anyway, so that wasn’t such a big deal.

I was proud because I knew we lived in a small two-bed flat when I was born, and we were now moving to a much bigger home.

Concerns about connectivity

I was concerned about not being close to anything – like shops and bus routes – and anxious about the wifi strength at our new place.

Other things on my mind were if we could still afford Sky TV. I also wondered if moving meant we were going to be broke.

Reflections and advice

My advice for anyone in my age group whose family are moving home is this:

  1. Start tidying and packing your room the minute you know you’re selling/moving.
  2. Speak to your parents about anything that’s worrying you.
  3. And finally, focus on the positives.

I love our new place, and we still have Sky TV and good wifi!”

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