Let’s Shop Local in Bourne this Saturday!

Small Business Saturday 2023 is happening in Bourne and across the UK this weekend.

It’s a fantastic opportunity to show our support for the heart and soul of our local communities – our independent businesses.

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As a local estate agency, we’re committed to fostering a thriving community spirit, and this Saturday is a perfect chance to do just that.

Here are five ways we can all contribute to making Small Business Saturday a success.

  1. Explore local shops: Stroll to the shops and venture into businesses you might not have visited before. Remember, each purchase you make is a vote for a more vibrant community.
  2. Say it loud – spread the word: Use social media to shout out your favourite local businesses. A simple post or a positive review can highlight these hidden treasures significantly.
  3. Choose services from local independents: Whether you need a plumber, a florist or an estate agent (hint, hint), opting for local professionals boosts the local economy and builds stronger community ties.
  4. Get involved: Many areas host special events on Small Business Saturday or in the run-up to Christmas. Make a note in your diary to go shopping when these events happen.
  5. Shop locally: The big one. With the festive season approaching, consider buying gifts from local shops, artisans and creators. It’s a thoughtful way to support local talent and offer unique gifts to your loved ones.

Small Business Saturday isn’t just about shopping; it’s about recognising the big role small, local businesses play in our lives.

They’re run by our neighbours, friends and family – people who care about our community and contribute to its character.

By supporting them, we’re investing in the health and vitality of our neighbourhoods.

So, let’s make Small Business Saturday 2023 a day to remember.

It’s more than just a shopping trip; it’s a celebration of community, camaraderie and local enterprise.

Join in, support local and let’s make a positive impact together.