Horse sells house in record time

A home owner having been on the market for two years was struggling to sell her four bed home. Set in a prime location next to a paddock it seemed like the perfect family home. So why after two years had it not sold? Usual factors would suggest it may be the external condition, internal condition, local area, a huge mine shaft, troublesome neighbour or ultimately price. Nick from our Telford branch went to value this home…

“I’d had my eye on this property for a while wondering why it hadn’t sold. Having met the owner for the first time and losing the instruction to a competitor, I just couldn’t understand why this well positioned home hadn’t sold for a reasonable price.”

Having met the owner a second time Nick promised to think outside of the box to get her property sold. It came to his attention that the previous agents advert had not mentioned about the adjacent paddock. “I stood to the front of the property and completely changed the camera angle to incorporate the paddock. Something still wasn’t right so i asked the owner to fetch me an apple.” Nick says.

“An apple? the owner exclaimed, yes I have an idea.” The owner fetched the apple and I approached the paddock and over came two horses which grazed the paddock.

Nick took a new photo with the horses and captured the most perfect photo showcasing the property at its best. The results were phenomenal, We had an agreed offer on the property within 7 days and the property successfully completed.

There are two morals to this story, One use an agent who thinks outside the box to achieve you the best price for your property and two, don’t chose a competitor over the better agent because of fees.