How to Achieve the Best Sale Price?

The main aim for most home sellers is to maximise the sale price they achieve for their home.

So, how do you do this? We have detailed below some of the key factors to consider:

  • Stand out from the crowd – ensure your home is as well presented as possible and that the marketing reflects this. The first impression most buyers will gain of your home will be from the marketing, therefore ensure the marketing does your home justice to avoid your potential buyer discounting your property. Avoid estate agents taking photos on a mobile phone and ensure care has been taken by them towards which photos and how many photos are used, as too many may lose interest and too few could not create interest!
  • Attention to detail – ensure the agent has referenced the unique and key selling features of your home. Is the garden south or west-facing? Has there been recent improvements made to the home? Is the property being sold with no onward chain? It is the agent’s role to ensure buyers are informed about why they should purchase your home over another, therefore attention to these details is paramount to secure the best possible price.
  • A proactive approach – any estate agent can sell a property, however achieving the best price is another matter. If your agent is not being proactive and simply waiting for their phone to ring or an enquiry to be received, then the best sale price will never be achieved. It is the agent’s role to maximise interest in your home, as with more interest there will be more competition to secure the property, therefore a higher price will be gained.
  • Be available – availability is key for both a home seller and an estate agent, to avoid missing any viewing opportunities. Some buyers will have more limited availability than others, as they may need to view around work or children’s schooling and may even be visiting from out of the area. You never know which buyer may be prepared to pay the best possible price for your home, therefore availability is key!
  • The negotiation – the estate agent is responsible for negotiating directly with your purchaser on your behalf, therefore it is important that you are confident that they will negotiate the best price for you. Rather than simply taking the easy option once they know an acceptable offer has been received, the estate agent is responsible for negotiating the best offer from your buyer and to exceed your expectations.
  • Choosing the right buyer – whilst the sale price is important, so is the buyer’s position, therefore it is also important for the estate agent to communicate the buying position of each buyer to you and how quickly they wish to proceed. You may find that the speed of which a buyer wishes/is able to proceed, alongside their financial position, may be deciding factors towards which buyer to proceed with, as the highest offer may not always be the best one.

We would be delighted to assist you with achieving the best possible sale price for your home, therefore to start your journey with Newton Fallowell and to arrange a free no obligation valuation, please give our team a call on 01733 808826 or email

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