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Sell Before You Buy image

Why Homeowners Should Sell Before They Start Looking

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blog euros

The Euros! How Homes in the UK Compare to Their European Rivals

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A to Z Checklist 1

A to Z Guide for Changing Your Address in Loughborough, Charnwood and East Leake!

A very handy A - Z guide on things to keep in mind when moving house.

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Helping Elderly Relatives Move 4

Helping Your Elderly Relatives with Property Moves in Loughborough, Charnwood & East Leake

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How to Spot a Committed Buyer 0505 EACC (1)

How to Spot a Committed Buyer When Selling Your Loughborough, Charnwood or East Leake Home

Have you dealt with timewasters when selling your property in the past? read this article for tips on how to find a committed buyer.

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2304 Earth Day

Ways to make your Loughborough, Charnwood or East Leake home more eco-friendly

Are you doing your bit to save the planet? Read some of these top tips to reduce your impact!

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Better Times are Coming orange (1)

Are We Entering the New Roaring Twenties?

If your tired of hearing about us all being doomed, read this incredibly uplifting article and get excited for new times ahead of us!

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Breaking News – Update on Stamp Duty Debate in Parliament

Stamp Duty Extension Update...

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2601 board games 2

The Top Ten Board Games People are Buying in Lockdown

Is your favourite board game in the line up?

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2201 FGF Cards

Three Stories To Help You Make This a Happy Monday

Are you suffering from the Monday Blues? Read these 3 heart warming stories to put a smile back on your face.

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Eight Screen-Free Activities Kids in Loughborough, Charnwood & East Leake Love

Eight Awesome Ways to Get Children Away from Their Screens in Loughborough, Charnwood and East Leake

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070120 – Thermostat

How People in Loughborough, Charnwood and East leake Can Keep Their Home Heating Bills Down

8 Ways to help keep your heating bills down.

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We are required by law to conduct anti-money laundering checks on all those selling or buying a property. Whilst we retain responsibility for ensuring checks and any ongoing monitoring are carried out correctly, the initial checks are carried out on our behalf by Lifetime Legal who will contact you once you have agreed to instruct us in your sale or had an offer accepted on a property you wish to buy. The cost of these checks is £60 (incl. VAT), which covers the cost of obtaining relevant data and any manual checks and monitoring which might be required. This fee will need to be paid by you in advance of us publishing your property (in the case of a vendor) or issuing a memorandum of sale (in the case of a buyer), directly to Lifetime Legal, and is non-refundable.  We will receive some of the fee taken by Lifetime Legal to compensate for its role in the provision of these checks.