COVID-19 Guidance

Following the strict safety guidance that we have been given, most of our offices are now open and offering their range of services to help people with all their property needs.
Over the past few weeks, our offices have been working hard to ensure they have implemented the necessary changes to ensure they are working within the government guidelines to keep you safe while looking after your property needs. We are proud to be able to say we comply with the governments Staying Covid-19 Secure in 2020 campaign. All our offices have been given the following certificate and have actioned the five steps.

Are estate agents now open?

To better control the office environment and ensure the safety of you and our staff, many of our offices are now open by appointment only. Please make sure you call or email to arrange an appointment before arriving at the office.

If you have any symptoms of COVID then please contact us to rearrange your appointment. In line with government guidance, each of our offices have implemented a number of safety measures to maintain social distancing. If you have any concerns about the measures we have in place, please speak to a member of staff when booking your appointment and we can hopefully put your mind at ease.


Can estate agents do viewings?

The simple answer is yes! For the first viewing, we are encouraging virtual viewings where possible, which means you will view the property via a video chat or a pre recorded tour. If you decide, you would like to see the property in person, we can now accommodate this request. Prior to the visit we will discuss any specific requirements to ensure all parties remain safe throughout. You maybe asked to fill in a health questionnaire prior to the viewing (for both the viewer and current owner). When the viewing takes place, we will ask the present owner not to be there and we will do everything we can to minimise physical contact around the home. We will also be limiting the number of people who can attend the viewing.

Can I put my property up for sale?

A market appraisal from one of our property experts can help you understand what your property could sell for and we will also explain the sales process and our service offering. To minimise contact, where possible we will be conducting contactless market appraisals which involves a video call so we can see the property. We have various tools available to us, to conduct the relevant research to be able to provide you with accurate information. If you require a market appraisal in person, we will call you beforehand to discuss how we can do this, while complying with social distancing guidelines. Our processes for advertising the property will remain the same and where possible, we will do virtual viewings in the first instance. If the sale proceeds then we will look at the option of an in person viewing, All viewings will take place in accordance with government guidance and if at any point, either party feels uncomfortable, we will make different arrangements.

Can I sell my property if shielding?

To ensure the safety of all parties involved, if you have been advised to shield, we can still sell your property. However, all market appraisals and viewings will be conducted contactless.

I want to sell or let my house, how can I be sure that viewings will be conducted safely?
Where possible, we are conducting virtual viewings to limit the number of people entering the property. If an in-person viewing is required, we are following strict safety guidance

Before any viewings take place, we will discuss these safety measures with you, make sure that you are comfortable with the process and accommodate any requests where possible.

Is it now possible to move house?

Following the recent Government announcement, you can now move house in lockdown. However things will be slightly different. If you are shielding, you should consider seeking medical advice and your own personal circumstance to decide whether or not this should go ahead.

When moving to a new house, social distance guidelines should be adhered to and you should regularly wash your hands. Where possible you should pack your belongings yourself, although please beware this may affect the removal companies’ insurance cover on breakages.

Would it be ok for me to bring my own safety equipment?

If you own your own mask and hand sanitiser then you are more than welcome to bring these with you.

Is anyone actually wanting to buy houses right now?

Although, we are experiencing an unprecedented time, demand for property is still there. People still want to move house so we are confident your property has a good a chance to sell as ever. With lockdown for Estate Agents starting to ease we are likely to see a spike in the coming weeks to make up for lost time. Mortgages are readily available for people to progress their sale so we don’t see any issues.

I have tenants in my property but I’m not with an agent, how do I navigate the new safety regulations by myself?

For all information covering key issues such as maintenance, rent arrears and safety, we would recommend that you refer to the clear guidance that has been released by the government. Our local experts will be more than happy to offer you some advice or we can manage the property for you.

Will I still be able to get a mortgage if I have been furloughed?

This is not something we are able to give you a definite answer for and it most likely depend on your lender. Contact us and we can put you in touch with our mortgage advisors who can provide further information.

Do I need to come into the office to get mortgage advice?

Our mortgage advisors can contact you over the phone. They can offer the same level of advice and access the same deals while you are safely at home.

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