Should I have a For Sale board?

If you are on the market trying to sell your property should you have a For Sale board?  Yes, you 100% should! We all know that most buyers these days search online for a property – Rightmove, Zoopla etc, so, many people don't see the need for a board.  
However, there are still many valid reasons to have one -  

– People still go for a drive around at the weekend to get a feel for a particular area 

– Out of area people may be visiting friends/family locally, have considered moving to the area but haven't started actively looking.  Seeing a board outside your house may spur them on to take the next steps 

– You attract opportunist buyers.  These are people who aren't looking on Rightmove and in estate agent windows.  We come across these people who tell us if a particular house comes on the market they would buy it, or they love a particular street and if a house came on the market there they would be interested.  Without a For Sale board these people wouldn't know your house was on the market 

– Without a board, you aren't ticking all the boxes and doing everything possible to find a buyer as quickly as possible and for the best possible price 

Yes, a board outside your house helps your estate agent with brand awareness too.  The relationship between you and your agent is exactly that, a relationship, so why not help each other?  Everybody wants the same end result.  

We hear many reasons why clients don't want a For Sale board – 'I don't want to worry the neighbours', 'we don't get alot of passing traffic' etc.  Is it worth potentially missing an opportunity for the sake of upsetting the neighbours?  They will know soon enough when people are waiting outside to view your house!