Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Mirror, Mirror on the wall

Renowned for making a space feel lighter and larger, mirrors can achieve so much more. By turns creating an opulent or contemporary feel, mirrors can even help to make a room appear cooler or warmer, their versatility is quite something. In this article we look at some popular mirror style trends and share some top tips to help when choosing the right piece for your home.


Pay special attention to the frame of your mirror, this will have a big impact on the style you are looking to create. Use thinner non-descript frames if you want the focus to be on the reflection and heavier, ornate frames to create the feeling of opulence. Try distressed frames to create a vintage feel and bevelled frameless mirrors are still a practical, popular choice for toilette areas.

Reflecting light

One of the most popular uses for mirrors, other than vanity, is their light reflecting properties. In a room that lacks light, adding a mirror will lighten the area and make the space appear larger. Chose your position carefully to maximise the reflective properties.

Window like mirrors

A current popular style is the window like mirror, as well as the practical use, the design of these mirrors make it look like these is an additional window in the room. Looking for something a little different? Take a look at this Georgian style, arched window mirror from MelodyMaison.co.uk

Mantel mirrors

Over the fire mantel mirrors will help to create a cosy, warming feel. Reflecting the fire light on a chill evening, they make the chimney breast more of a feature during the daytime. There is a large range of over the mantel mirrors available on Wayfair’s website.

Amidst a gallery

Personal galleries are very much on trend, try adding in a small mirror with a decorative frame to make a focal point among your family snaps. In fact, a gallery of mirrors will add a wow impact, take a look at this mirror gallery on Pinterest from Velcro – how stunning does that look?

Statement piece

If you are looking to make a real statement, an oversized mirror, artfully placed against a suitable wall will serve your purpose well. Take a look at these extra large mirrors from exclusivemirrors.co.uk for some super-sized ideas.

Hollywood mirrors

Want to feel like a Hollywood star on a daily basis? The latest resurgence of the Hollywood mirror trend incorporates lightbulbs all around the mirror. There is a wide range available from the aptly named HollywoodMirrors.co.uk

Practical advice

Have you ever noticed how your appearance differs in different mirrors and reflective surfaces? When choosing your mirror, ensure the surface is imperfection free, check the thickness of the mirror and that the reflection is not distorted.  There are some detailed tips about choosing a quality mirror on this blog from Mirrorlot.com A main point to consider, especially when shopping online, is the size. Measure your space and make sure your chosen mirror fits.

Mirrors are very versatile additions to your home and careful use of quality mirrors will make a big difference to the look and feel of the rooms in which you place them.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with them and then sit back and admire the wow factor that they give.