4 Ways to Create Space for a Home Office

As we all start to return to a semblance of normality, it is clear, for many that their “new normal” will continue to involve working from home. If you are looking to create a more permanent home office, rather than perching on the edge of the kitchen table, then we have got some great ideas to share with you!

Converting a Spare Bedroom

Utilising a spare room or guest room is a great way to create a home office as it is away from the central hubs of the home; the living room and kitchen, so disruptions and distractions are lessened. Having an entire room to work in means that you can separate yourself from your work by leaving at the appropriate time and closing the door.

The key to a successful home office is to ensure that it looks and feels like an office, rather than the family’s dumping ground for bits and pieces, which is what a lot of spare bedrooms in reality are. If you can, remove the bed, invest in some storage and clear everything away. Remember how important it is to have good posture so make sure your desk and seating is appropriate for you. There is some excellent advice on how to sit at your desk correctly in this article from the NHS.

Convert Unused Space

If you don’t have a spare room to convert, then the next best thing is to utilise the unused or poorly used space around your home. Areas like the under stairs cupboard, the corner of a large hallway or landing and even utility rooms or pantries could make a good office space. When considering these spaces remember you are going to be spending quite a bit of time at your desk, so it needs to be comfortable, draft free and relatively quiet to allow you to concentrate. You will no doubt require electrical sockets, so areas where there are none are simply not going to work. Make sure there is plenty of natural light or a good quality electric light to save eye strain.

Partitioning a Larger Room

If you have a large room, you can easily create an office space by partitioning a dedicated area to become your home office. They have some fantastic room dividing ideas on the Ideal Home website. We particularly love the idea of a storage wall! Every home needs more storage, make it double sided and you can store office paraphernalia too! A potential downside, this suggestion is not going to work too well if you divide a room that is used by other people in your home during your work hours, as it will lack soundproofing.

Take it Outside

There has been a huge trend towards garden rooms, having an external home office separate to the main residence has become so popular, there is even a new term for it: Shoffice! Perhaps not the most cost-effective idea, but certainly one of the more long-term solutions, commissioning a prefabricated Garden Office with electricity, heating and even running water would give you a dedicated work area, free from distractions and disruptions for many years to come. However, there is far more than budget to think about. You will need to consider planning permission, where to place the garden room and a whole host of other considerations. The GardenRoomGuide.co.uk is a good place to start if a Garden Room is a serious contender.

We hope you found our 4 ways to create a home office article useful. Working from home can be an extremely positive lifestyle change, even if it is on a part time basis. Many of us have found they are more productive when working from home and let’s face it, the commute is a whole lot easier and quicker.