What are the best areas to buy property in Telford?

Telford and Wrekin is a great place to look to buy a home. Situated between Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury, it’s conglomerate of old towns amalgamated into Telford new town back in the 1960’s. There’s a wide range of areas to choose from when looking to buy property here and prices tend to be lower than surrounding towns and cities. Here we give a brief breakdown and rating of each area with what you can expect to find.

(Please note these ratings are an opinion only with no data analysed. We recommend that this guide is viewed as a rough guide and highly recommend thorough research into any chosen area before purchasing a property.)

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North Telford (North of the M54)

Apley:- Near the Princess royal hospital and on the outskirts of Wellington, Apley is well situated with a mixture of Bungalows and Houses with prices ranging from £200,000 – £500,000. Seen as a more exclusive area and close to the Princess Royal Hospital, the area is very popular.

Goodchilds Rating  5/5

Admaston:– Skirting the North of Wellington, Admaston has a  mixture of properties ranging from late Victorian style builds, 1970’s semi detached houses and early 2000’s builds. With a village feel, Admaston has a mixture of properties but pricing tends to be slightly higher than neighbouring areas.

Goodchilds Rating  5/5

Bratton:– On the rural fringe Bratton has more larger style properties. With higher price points the area really is more up market. Many properties in this area are built on individual plots and are bespoke. Towards Dulwich grange you will find early 00’s builds prices in this area tend to range from £250,000 upwards. If you like to be a little more rural this area will appeal.

Goodchilds Rating 5/5

Shawbirch:– Sat between Wellington, Admaston and Bratton, Shawbirch has a mixture of 2,3 & 4 bedroom properties mainly of 90’s and 00’s type construction. Built around pools and parks this area is appealing for families and within close proximity to the amenities of Wellington.

Prices range from £120,000 to £300,000

Goodchilds Rating 4/5

Trench:- A mixture of mining cottages and 1970’s / 80’s style builds with some Victorian houses mixed in. A popular area because of local schools and because of its close proximity to Horton Wood Industrial estate with some of Telford leading businesses.  Prices here range from £100,000 upwards.

Goodchilds Rating 3/5


The largest town to the North of Telford, Wellington is well known for being a pleasant market town at the foot of the Wrekin. Parts of Wellington are beautiful and have very high curb appeal. There are also some less popular areas closer to the centre of Wellington. With a wide mixture of property types to choose from with some dating back to circa 1500’s there is plenty of choice when purchasing. Pricing ranges from £100,000 to £600,000.

Bovis homes & Taylor Wimpy are developing in this area.

Goodchilds Rating 4/5

Leegomery:- Mainly consisting of ex council houses, Leegomery is well placed for amenities. With parks and pools the area is brilliant for families offering property at affordable prices. There has been incidents with crime in the past but Leegomery is an improving area and a great place to invest. Rental yields here tend to be better than other areas of Telford with rental prices driven by the Princess Royal Hospital and surrounding industry.

Goodchilds Rating 3/5

Hadley:- Famous for Blockleys Bricks, Hadley is a popular area with a mixture of Victorian properties and new builds. Hadley is an up and coming area. Prices here seem to be a little lower than say Wellington, Admaston and Bratton. Bovis, Lioncourt and Redrow have recently developed in the area and prices range from £150,000 to £300,000.

Goodchilds Rating 3/5

Ketley:- Having been recently supplied with a large estate of new build homes curtosy of Taylor Wimpy, Ketley is a great place to get on the property ladder. Here you can find new build apartments from £90,000 upwards and plenty of homes available on the help to buy scheme. Ketley also has other areas such as Ketley Bank where you will find a mixture of ex council properties and higher end houses. In Ketley Grange you will find some unique Victorian homes / custom builds with views across the Shropshire plain.

Goodchilds Rating 3.8/5

Donnington:- Pro-dominantly ex council, Donnington can be spotted by its hundreds of homes with flat roofs. Mainly constructed in the 1940’s the rumour is that there was a shortage of Timber during the war leading to the roofs being flat. There are newer builds scattered around Donnington too. Properties in this area include flats and three bedroom homes ranging from £90,000 upwards. Its an affordable place to buy and popular with investors. Be careful to have the roofs checked before purchasing here.

Goodchilds Rating 2.5/5

Muxton :-

A very popular area to the north east of Donnington and on the route to Lilleshall and Newport. With a mixture of 90’s and more recently constructed property, Muxton is famous for it’s historical furnaces & Granville Nature Reserve. With it’s golf club, leafy estates and quality schools it makes it a difficult area to over look. Prices range from £170,000 upwards to £600,000.

Goodchilds Rating 5/5

Priorslee:- Very much like Muxton, Prioslee is a very popular area. Exclusive and very popular with families. The area has lakeside walks, pub’s and is within close proximity to the M54. Properties range from 2 bed mews style properties to 6 bedroom detached houses. Being one of the most popular areas in Telford prices here tend to be higher and of late, there are very few properties available to buy here.

Goodchilds Rating 5/5

Not mentioned…

Oakengates:- Goodchilds Rating 3/5

Wrockwardine Wood:- Goodchilds Rating 3/5

St Georges:-  Goodchilds Rating 3/5

South Telford (South of the M54) 

Lawley:- Seen as the gateway to South Telford, Lawley is home to one of the largest new build projects in Europe. With most of the major developers having claimed a stake the area is an entirely new village. With Shops, Gyms and Pubs the area is popular with younger families and professionals. You can find anything from apartments to detached houses here with prices ranging from £110,000 for a two bed apartment up to £500,000 for a detached house. A busy vibrant area with plenty going on.

Goodchilds Rating 3/5 

Horsehay & Lightmoor:- Moving further south you will find Horsehay and Lightmoor. Horsehay has a mixture of late 90’s style housing and Victorian era properties. You will also find a range of cottages and unique builds. Famous for the steam railway and fishing pool, Horsehay is a peaceful place to live.

Lightmoor adjoins Horsehay and is very much an estate of new build properties. Here you will find modestly priced family homes ranging from £150,000 to £250,000.

Dawley:- On the West Side of Telford Town Park, Dawley is brilliant for access to Telford Centre. Having a variety of property including miners cottages, bungalows and family homes there is always plenty to choose from. Dawley has a small shopping centre and sports facilities. As you venture to the Town park there are plenty of play areas for children and the famous Alice in Wonderland excursion.

Goodchilds Rating 3/5

Doseley / Little Dawley :- Wedged between Lightmoor and Dawley is Doseley and Little Dawley. Little Dawley has a range of bungalows and cottages whilst Doseley has a range of new build properties constructed by David Wilson Homes. You can expect to find 3/4/5 bedroom houses here starting from £200,000. A popular area and quietly situated.

Goodchilds Rating 4/5

Hollinswood, Stirchley, Randlay, Malinslee.

These areas are all built around Telford towns popular shopping centre and offer close proximity to the Centre itself. These areas are pro-dominantly ex council although most of the houses in these areas are now privately owned by owner occupiers and investors. Mainly made up of three bedroom family homes and two bedroom flats these areas are perfect for investing with good rental yields.

Goodchilds Rating =  3/5


Mainly made up of ex council properties, Woodside sits just on the edge of Madeley. With a slightly tarnished reputation, the area does boast good schools, easy access to Ironbridge Gorge and some well priced new build housing recently constructed by Bellway Homes. Prices in Woodside range from £85,000 to £180,000.

Goodchilds Rating =  2.5/5

Brookside & Sutton Hill:- 

We won’t lie these areas have a reputation for being a little less desirable than others in Telford however it doesn’t mean that its a terrible place to buy. In fact we have a number of Investors that buy to let in these areas. We also have many happy tenants. Prices here range from £80,000 up to around £130,000. Be wary when buying in Sutton Hill as many of the properties in this location are wooden frame construction circa 1970’s.

Goodchilds Rating 2.5/5

Ironbridge & Madeley

Historically some of the oldest parts of Telford are found here in the birthplace of the Industrial revolution. Lying on the banks of the River Severn the town of Ironbridge is a beautiful place to visit and offers some interesting choices in housing. Many of the builds are Victorian but some date back much further. There are also a few scattered new builds around for good measure although the styling are in keeping with the older properties of the Gorge. As it is a tourist attraction you will pay more to live in this area but its worth it ! The trade of is that some of the single course brick properties.

Madeley overlooks the Ironbridge Gorge and has a mixture of housing again a reflection of the industrial revolution and post war builds. There are so many properties with historical links in this area so its worth checking into the history of the properties and exploring the local museums.

Goodchilds Rating 5/5