OK well not an actual forest, but as close as! You see back in in 2020 we quietly made a pledge to plant a tree for every new for sale/sold board we erected outside a client’s home. In fact we ended up planting 5000 trees in total last year. Although it isn’t yet, we like to think of this of this project as the ‘Newton Fallowell Forest’! If we keep going, one day it could be!

As a sustainable and environmentally conscious company, we believe that planting of trees is the perfect way for us to contribute in the fight against climate change. I’m proud that as a local family run company we can help to provide a lasting legacy for the world with thousands of new saplings going in the ground again this year that will make a real difference.

This year we pledge to plant 6000 trees and are working in partnership with Epic 3, a community interest company that was set up to help fight climate change.

In a personal message from Roger James of Epic3, he said; “We are currently planting in several locations that are key to tackle climate change. They are Nepal, Madagascar, Haiti, Indonesia, Mozambique, Kenya and Central America.”This year we are concentrating our efforts to help plant over 2.7 million trees a month in Madagascar, an area which has been ecologically-devastated over the years and only has 10% of its original forests remaining. Madagascar is an important area to concentrate on at the moment, 75% of the animal species found in Madagascar do not live anywhere else on the planet, so by restoring and planting new forest in this region not only helps to fight climate change, but it is also helping to protect and expand the natural habitats of these endangered and endemic animal species.”

At the moment our project is not planting in the in the UK as geographically and ecologically it just isn’t the most effective place to be planting trees to tackle climate change. However the project does have a vision in the future to create several new UK natural carbon sinks over the coming years that will also act as green spaces for members of the public to enjoy.

In this year’s effort of planting 6000 trees, you too can get involved; Any client instructing us to sell their property in 2021, will have a tree planted by our project! So if you’re thinking of selling a property, arrange for us to visit for property valuation. And if you have a friend or family member about to sell a home, please also recommend they speak to us before going on the market for sale.

You can follow our progress here on our ‘Newton Fallowell Forest’ dashboard: https://www.epic3.org/partners/newton-fallowell/

Thanks as always for reading – Richard.

We are required by law to conduct anti-money laundering checks on all those selling or buying a property. Whilst we retain responsibility for ensuring checks and any ongoing monitoring are carried out correctly, the initial checks are carried out on our behalf by Lifetime Legal who will contact you once you have agreed to instruct us in your sale or had an offer accepted on a property you wish to buy. The cost of these checks is £60 (incl. VAT), which covers the cost of obtaining relevant data and any manual checks and monitoring which might be required. This fee will need to be paid by you in advance of us publishing your property (in the case of a vendor) or issuing a memorandum of sale (in the case of a buyer), directly to Lifetime Legal, and is non-refundable.  We will receive some of the fee taken by Lifetime Legal to compensate for its role in the provision of these checks.