The property market experienced such a busy period last year and there still remains a shortage of available properties as we begin 2021, yet your home remains unsold! You drive around and see sold signs everywhere you look. You’re frustrated, wondering to yourself, why has my home not sold? Should I be changing agents?

This is often a question on many vendors’ minds after a period of time without achieving a sale. As an Estate Agent who would like to work with you, it’s easy for me to say yes, change agents. After all, I want your business. I want to be the agent to sell your home. However before we look at that option, I want you to look at these three area’s closely. This is what we as estate agents look at first.

You need to be honest. Is your home priced fairly? I’m not talking about what you want or even what you think you need. Is it priced fairly against other similar houses which are both for sale and recently sold? Remember, buyers are going to compare your home to these houses. They research the market on-line. Do you offer good value for money? If you are priced higher, why? Ask yourself this. What does your home offer that the other properties don’t? What makes your home worth the asking price?

Take a look at how your home is presented by both yourself and by your estate agent. Walk around your home, looking at each room objectively. Do you look cluttered? Are there things on top of the kitchen cupboards? Shampoo bottles around your bath tub? Look at your bedding. Is it fresh, crisp and coordinated? Are the cushions plumped in the lounge? Do your windows sparkle? Is your garden trimmed back? All of these things are important. It’s what a potential buyer sees when they look at your sales brochure and marketing material.

This really is down to your estate agent. However you need to ask the following questions. Where is your home being advertised? Is the internet the only place? Shop window for passing trade? Property video? What printed publications do they use? How big is their current buyer list? Is it up to date? Do they use it? In fact, if you are looking to move locally are they informing you of other potential homes for sale? Do you have a for sale board?

How are you getting on?
Can you see any changes you need to make yet
I’m sure you can. If your home hasn’t sold, I am sure there are a few.

Ok. So we have looked at the price, we have looked at your presentation and we have discussed the promotion. The next and most important factor to me is your estate agent’s current service.

1. Do you like them? If not, change agents now.
2. Are you getting viewings? If you are great!
3. Are you getting feedback from the viewings? You should be.
4. Is your agent really trying? Are they making suggestions to you? You may not like the suggestion, but are they trying to offer solutions?

No agent can promise to sell your home. However here at Newton Fallowell we are 100% committed to you and your property. We believe in our process and we’re recommended by many. Our sales results speak for themselves and I’d love to help you move.

I’m not trying to suggest your choice of estate agent at the time was a bad one, I’m simply offering a solution. I’m here to try to help identify why your home hasn’t sold.

With any New Year comes a burst of activity and there will be a variety of moving situations being decided upon over New Year i.e. needing more space, less space and downsizing, couples coming together, others moving apart and investors with goals to create a property empire!

Would a new start, a fresh approach and renewed energy help you sell your home? Let me know what you decide…

Thanks as always for reading

We are required by law to conduct anti-money laundering checks on all those selling or buying a property. Whilst we retain responsibility for ensuring checks and any ongoing monitoring are carried out correctly, the initial checks are carried out on our behalf by Lifetime Legal who will contact you once you have agreed to instruct us in your sale or had an offer accepted on a property you wish to buy. The cost of these checks is £60 (incl. VAT), which covers the cost of obtaining relevant data and any manual checks and monitoring which might be required. This fee will need to be paid by you in advance of us publishing your property (in the case of a vendor) or issuing a memorandum of sale (in the case of a buyer), directly to Lifetime Legal, and is non-refundable.  We will receive some of the fee taken by Lifetime Legal to compensate for its role in the provision of these checks.