Budget Friendly Kitchen Makeover Ideas

Perhaps you have moved into a new home and the kitchen just isn’t your style, or you are thinking of selling your home but worry that the kitchen looks a bit tired. Maybe you have been hankering after a brand-new kitchen for a while, but the cost of your dream kitchen is quite prohibitive and the thought of all the upheaval whilst work is carried out, is putting you off.

In this article we have a whole host of budget friendly kitchen makeover ideas to share with you, that won’t break the bank and won’t be quite as disruptive as a full redesign!

Painting or Changing Cupboard Doors
One of the most cost-effective way of changing the entire look of your kitchen can be achieved simply by changing or painting your cupboard doors. This solution is perfect if there is little wrong with the carcass of your kitchen cupboards. No need to go to all the expense and inconvenience of having your entire kitchen ripped out.

Dream Doors state you can save up to 50% of the cost of a new kitchen by simply changing the cupboard doors! If you are changing your cupboard doors, pay special attention to the sizes, usually these are universal but certain brands like Ikea can throw the odd curve ball your way.

Nothing wrong with the doors other than the colour? You can change that with specialist, hard-wearing paint designed for kitchen cupboards which will ensure the cupboards can be wiped down and withstand daily life. For further inspiration on how to achieve this look, this handy guide from Ideal Home will give you invaluable tips and ideas for painting your kitchen cupboard doors.

Refresh Your Tiles
Although a great way to ring the changes in your kitchen is to remove dated tiles and replace with new, modern designs, it can also be very costly. Why not consider painting the tiles instead? As with the cabinets, painting tiles are a budget friendly way to change the look of them without the hassle and expense of removing the old ones. Tile paint comes in a range of fresh, modern colours. Or if painting isn’t the right solution for you, try tile transfers instead, see how to apply tile transfers in this blog post from The Otto House. Widely available, tile transfer designs range from retro to ultra-modern. If the tiles still look good but the grout is stained and dirty or missing in places, using a grout cleaner or removing the old grout and replacing with new could give the kitchen a fresh, new look.

Re-work The Worktops
Marble, granite and quartz worktops undoubtably add a chic and expensive look to a kitchen but come at a high price too – often thousands of pounds. If your budget is looking more lacklustre than your current worktops, then recovering the worktops in a vinyl or contact paper with the look of marble or granite could be the answer. Simple, effective, and more importantly, easy on the budget too. Painting worktops with blackboard paint is another inexpensive way of transforming your worktops  – useful for leaving fun messages or writing lists and timings too! If you are handy (or know someone who is), DIY concrete worktops tick all the budget-friendly boxes and better still, you can create a marble look finish at a fraction of the cost. Check out how to achieve this in this article from Concrete Lab.

Focus On The Floor
Once the cabinets and worktops have had their new overhaul, it might be time to turn your focus to the floor. There is a large range of kitchen flooring solutions to suit all budgets and tastes, so it needn’t be a costly exercise. Click together Luxury Vinyl Tile or laminate flooring is a relatively inexpensive, easy to install option and instantly transforms a room for that desirable wow-factor. Check out various flooring methods on UKFlooringDirect.co.uk to find the kitchen flooring solution that best suits your needs.

Accessorise To The Max
You might be completely happy with your kitchen design and just feel the whole room needs a little oomph. Inject colour with a bold, new paint scheme and matching accessories – toasters, kettles, microwaves and even fridge freezers now come in a range of colours and can be an inexpensive way to bring your kitchen right up to date. Changing the handles of your cabinets to a more modern design or replacing older white light switches with newer brushed steel and matching sockets with USB charging points can add to the modern feel. We hope this article has given you plenty of budget friendly kitchen makeover ideas. It could be just what’s needed to attract buyers if you plan to sell your home soon. Why not use our handy valuation tool and find out what your property could be worth, you might be pleasantly surprised!