Bourne | February Update

We’ve made it this far, some of us my even have recovered from our post New Year hang overs so congratulations.  Spring is closing in and soon the joy of evenings staying lighter longer and rising temperatures will be tangible things to grasp onto.  So, what is the property market doing I hear you ask?

It’s doing well, although stock levels are still lower than I’d, we’ve done well, maintaining our top spot in town and help many vendors move.  As a country, we managed to build more homes across 2016 than 2015.  We still didn’t quite hit the magic number but we’re getting closer which can only help.  The UK’s Housing Minister Sajid Javid, travelled to Germany to review their fantastic tradition of “Flat Pack” Homes or “pre fabs” as we have called them in the past.  Forget the fusty emergency homes of the post war era housing crisis.  These new generation pre fabs are seriously funky and precision built which could revolutionise the way we build in the UK.   It is just what the UK housing sector needs to satisfy the huge demand for home ownership.  Developments could take months instead of years and with cutting edge designs being the norm, could create some very exciting 21st Century homes.  To see some German cutting edge flat pack homes, google Huf Haus and you’ll see what I mean.

Will they have an impact on the regular market?  Perhaps but the likely hood is they will help to stabilise prices.  In theory, an increased supply of new homes should cause a cooling in asking prices but I suspect that we will simply treat them as a “value brand” of property and that regular construction will maintain or perhaps even gain a “premium brand” bump.  They will certainly create job opportunities and new business ventures will emerge so I’m on board. 

Before we all sell up and move into the Flat Pack Future you’ll need an agent with an unbeatable track record for sales.  Call us and we’ll get you moved, remember, right now demand is high and supply is low so it’s a great time to sell.   

Phil Bell, Senior Valuer at Newton Fallowell Estate Agents Bourne