How a nice kitchen can help to sell your home more quickly!

When it comes to selling homes, nothing attracts buyers more than a nice kitchen.
Until the first lockdown last year, having a good looking and functional kitchen regularly topped
buyers wish lists.  It has since been replaced by access to outdoor space, but it’s still a vital area to get right when
preparing to sell.

Below is a four-step super simple recipe to help you make the most of your kitchen.

1) Look down to get your value up – A good quality floor is a sure-fire way to grab buyers
attention. If you are on a tight budget, go for a floor that looks good and creates a sense of

2) Appliances matter – Simply having appliances made by well-known brands helps to create a
perception of quality.

3) Space the final frontier – Keep your kitchen workspaces as clutter-free as possible. Viewers
want to feel its a space ample enough for them to engage their inner Jamie Oliver or Nigella

4) If in doubt, call us out – One of the main questions we get asked by people in PE4 when thinking
of selling is ‘should we refurb our kitchen before we sell?’.  The best way for us to give a fully
formed answer to this critical question is for us to pop over and have a look. It may be that the
work (and cost) is unnecessary or that a new look, cool kitchen could add thousands to your
asking price.

It’s often been said in the home buying world that the kitchen is key, and the above tips will go a
long way to helping you unlock your property’s potential.

To find out other simple ways to add value to your home please contact us on 01733 511225.

Thanks for reading!