Wonder Wall

Creating a feature wall in your home is an easy way to let your creative side loose and the impact can be immense. When making your own wonder wall there are so many different options to choose from, will you go for a wallpaper, tiles, murals orcoloured paints with accent pieces hung? We run through just a few of the more popular choices:

We are not talking woodchip paper here, rather gorgeously designed wallpaper that makes a plain old wall into a stunning masterpiece. For a touch opulence try this Antique Gold paper from John Lewis or for something a little more on unusual this Liquid Marble paper from I Love Wallpaper. Both of these papers will make a stunning addition to a living or bedroom.

Textured tiles are on trend and the clever people at Marblemosiacs Ltd have a wonderful split face slate tile that will add gravity to a stair wall or even a kitchen

On the next level is this incredibly detailed Trailing Orchid paper from Designer Wallpapers. This paper spans 2.1m and can be joined to cover any width wall. Take a look at how detailed the Hummingbirds are! Much simpler, but no less impactful is this abstract Teal watercolour mural from MuralsWallpaper As wonderful as these paper murals are, if you are a talented artist you might want to try your hand at painting your own mural. This video guide from Morgan Mural Studios, tells you how to paint a wall mural in a single day.

Tapestries on the wall can give the room a unique, stately feel. A lovely example is the Tree Life tapestry from the National Trust which is simply glorious. An alternative to the traditional tapestry would be to hang a rug, just imagine this colourful abstract rug from Wayfair adorning your dining room or hallway – it would certainly attract attention!

Before you steam ahead with a painted feature wall it is well worth reviewing Dulux’s Do’s and Don’ts for Feature Walls When choosing colours for your feature wall remember that darker colours add depth and pull the room in, lighter colours will make the room appear brighter and larger. Top tip: if you have a long narrow room use a dark colour one the opposite walls that are furthest apart to draw them in and lighter or white on the opposite walls that are closer to make them appear wider.

Wonder Wall
There are so many different ways to create a wonder wall, if none of the ideas above suit, then why not try a collage of various size and colour picture frames with your family as stars of the show. Particularly effective on a stairway wall you can capture precious moments and keep them on display. Mix in the odd hanging ornament like natural wicker hearts or slogan pieces and et viola – your very own master piece.