What does the Election Results Mean for the Loughborough and Charnwood Property Market?

What does the Election Results Mean for the Loughborough and Charnwood Property Market?
(This is a Non-party political broadcast by Newton Fallowell Propert Agency!)

It’s still very early days (less than 12 hours in fact) into the life of our newly elected Government but one thing seems crystal clear to me and that is that’s we will be leaving the European Union.

So, what does this new political clarity mean for the property market in Loughborough?

We’ve seen over the three years which followed the referendum that uncertainty was damaging confidence in the market. Sellers were concerned about selling and therefore holding back in putting their properties up for sale.

Likewise, buyers have had little choice of homes to buy and increased competition when they have found somewhere suitable, meaning prices have actually increased somewhat, albeit artificially in certain sectors of the market.

The paralysis was simply down to people wanting to know exactly what was happening with Brexit; were we staying or were we going? How will this have effected house prices, my job, my future?

People needed certainty. It would seem we now have the answer.

So is now a good time to be selling or buying a property?

For ‘need to movers’ the answer is always yes! You have a reason to move; a new job, a new baby, a downsize ‘empty-nesting’ time of life.

For the ‘lifestyle movers’ I would also advise that a New Year (and in particular a new decade ‘feel good factor’) should bring a wave of activity in the local market with high buyer demand and increased confidence now we have certainty. This means we are expecting there to be a lot more activity in the Loughborough and Charnwood property market next year and if you’re needing it wanting to sell a property, now is the time to get started, to ride the new wave of confidence and get ahead of the market.

There is still a lot of dust to settle as things get sorted. And while we wouldn’t dare predict what will happen politically, our commitment to helping people buy and sell in Loughborough and Charnwood is guaranteed.

So, with the election done maybe, it’s a good time to focus on Christmas parties rather political ones and we’ll see you in the new year on your next property journey.

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Richard Morris – Managing Director
Newton Fallowell, Loughborough, East Leake and Kegworth