Twixmas Activities


Twixmas is the term commonly used to describe the period between Christmas day and New Year’s Eve. After all the excitement of Christmas day there is usually a little bit of a lull whilst we await the New Year celebrations. With the two major celebratory days being 6 days apart it can be nice to relax for a day or two, but then the boredom can set in. In this article we give you some ideas of how to fill your Twixmas days.

Hitting the Sales
An obvious activity is to pop out to the high street to see if you can snap up a bargain. Whilst the Sales can be rather hectic, why not view the trip philosophically, take your time, enjoy the experience, go with a friend and make it a social occasion, grab a coffee or lunch – you’re on holiday so no need to rush around!

The Twixmas period usually has a wealth of entertainment available, from Pantomimes, shows at the theatre and newly released films at the cinema to sporting events, matches and special events. Try searching online “what’s on…” and your town to find some real local gems. To avoid disappointment, it is worthwhile planning these in advance as tickets can sell out well in advance. Take a few minutes to plan an entertainment trip with family or friends ahead of the Twixmas period to break up the lull.

We are usually so busy with work and a hundred other daily activities we can often neglect family and friends. Arranging for a catch-up day where those close to you visit, enjoy a meal together, allow the children some time to play together and just re-affirming your relationships can be terribly therapeutic. Top tip: if you are inviting lots of people of all ages to eat, do a buffet! Laying everything out on plates for people to help themselves is a lot less stressful than cooking a big meal and sitting formally.

Get Some Fresh Air
Rather than staying cooped up indoors, get outside and have some fun. Yes, the weather at this time of year is not totally inviting, still get out there – wrap up warm and head outside to blow off some steam. Take a walk in the countryside, go to the park or just get the children out on their new bikes, scooters or skateboards. A couple of hours out in the fresh air will do you all good. Here are 20 places to take the family at Twixmas from the Telegraph you are sure to find one idea you will all enjoy!

It’s Twixmas, the time of year it is OK to spend the whole day (or two) in your PJs! Relax. Whether that is watching all the Harry Potter films back to back, lounging whilst reading a book or giving yourself a home-spa experience – you are bound to receive an abundance of “smellies” this Christmas, what better time to sample them? Think about all the times throughout the year you have wanted to do something but have had other commitments – now is your time – relax!

Exercise will break that lethargic feeling! Pop to the gym, go for a jog or do your new Yoga DVD! You will feel re-energised!

We all have busy lives, when it comes to cooking, we usually take the path of the least resistance. Cooking “quick” dinners for the family, if cooking or baking floats your boat, why not try a new recipe – or challenge the rest of your family to a bake off!

Get Ahead
New Year is just around the corner. Traditionally a time we set new goals and resolutions. Even if you don’t partake in the tradition, think about what you want to achieve for the next year – whether that is simply arranging a family holiday, redecorating the house or classic resolutions like losing weight or saving money. Take an afternoon to decide what you want to do, write it down and make notes about how you are going to achieve it, or schedule the tasks in. When you plan like this, you are far more likely to achieve your goal. If you are feeling particularly creative, create a mood board, a visual reminder to help you focus throughout the coming year on what you want to achieve.

Fun and Games
Our final suggestion is to have fun! Get the board games out, have a game of cards, play charades or get on the games console with the kids. Take it in turns to choose an activity and get everyone involved!