The joy of putting down roots

The joy of putting down roots


In this day and age, with all the technology we have and the ability to make quick decisions, we don’t seem to be making long term plans anymore.


Last week one of our clients moved house for the first time in over 40 years.  They had started their married life there, raised their family, welcomed their grandchildren and had many happy years.  Making the decision to leave their home full of memories wasn’t an easy one.


Location, location, location

They say it’s all about location and for this couple that has certainly been true.  The neighbourhood that surrounds you is what makes walking through your front door everyday feel like home.  The neighbours on your street who have become good friends and have watched their families grow and evolve.


The Facts

There are 295 streets in PE4 with 13,166 households, and since 2008, just over a quarter of those properties, 3,642 to be precise, have changed hands.   
This means that three quarters of the households in PE4 haven't moved in the last ten years. 


Do people stay in their homes because they love the area?

PE4 – Werrington, Gunthorpe, Walton and Paston……the best of both worlds with plenty of parks and local walks on the doorstep, and the city centre only being a few minutes drive away.  Good schools and wonderful amenities.  Is this why homeowners in PE4 rarely sell their homes?


Until next time, Nicola