Summer Garden Trends

Lockdown has given us a greater appreciation of our gardens, who can blame us especially with the glorious weather we enjoyed last year. Whilst this year has had a bit more of a soggy start, our new-found appreciation for our garden areas is not diminishing. During the last 16 months the nation has rediscovered the joys of their outdoor spaces and invented new ways to make the most of them. In this article we review some of the more popular garden trends for 2021.

Inside Out

Our inner interior designers have been allowed to flow out into the garden, creating extensions to our traditional living areas. From outdoor kitchens boasting pizza ovens, fridges and BBQ pits to relaxation areas complete with outdoor rugs, sofas, cushions, heating and lighting, our gardens are fast becoming our 5th room!

Growing Your Own

To keep occupied during the various lockdowns, many have successfully dabbled with home grown fruit and vegetables, aided by the readily available array of raised beds and vegetable troughs. These stylish yet incredibly practical additions to our gardens have enabled those of us with the smallest of available space and area to test our green fingers. The rewards of which are delicious tasting home-grown delights! Will this spark a nation of horticulturists?


Pergolas have been growing in popularity for several years, but in the last 2 years their popularity has exploded. Is there anything more relaxing that sitting in your garden, enjoying the late afternoon sun with the scent from your climbing plants in full flower? Traditionally a pergola is used to provide some relief from the sun and is also very popular with vine growers. Some of the more unusual structures have wooden swings built in, lighting, curtains, glass roof and we have even spotted some wonderful examples sporting outside chandeliers! A quick trip around Instagram or Pinterest will give you limitless ideas of how to customise a pergola perfect for your needs.

Fancy a Dip?

Hot tub sales and rentals soared during the lockdown periods, reported that hot tub sales rose by 1,080% in April 2020, a trend that is showing no signs of abating. A year on and many realise that a hot tub might well be delightfully refreshing during the Summer months, for some the Winter months spent dipping in a hot tub are even better! Imagine watching the snow fall as you lay back and relax in your warm haven. There is a huge range of hot tubs to choose from, depending on your budget and in this very informative hot tub article from Which you are bound to find one to fit your use and wallet/purse.

Garden Bars

Much as the 70s were synonymous with home bars, it seems 2020/21 is synonymous with garden bars! Regardless of the size garden you have, there appears to be a garden bar solution to suit. From wall hung drop-down bars to full blown shed type bar rooms, a quick internet search will provide you with a wealth of options. If you are looking to add this specific socialising aspect to your outdoor area then check out this helpful article from Homebase which tells you how to make an outdoor garden bar.

Around the globe

Probably the most unusual of our Summer garden trends is the garden globe pod. The majority of these globes rotate so you can enjoy an ever-changing view. Used as an alternative to a summer house or conservatory, these marvellous structures also have practical uses as many have utilised them as home offices. If you want to know more about these stunning circular hideaways, take a look at the variety of garden globe pods on the John Lewis website.

However you have been enjoying your garden, it is great to see this often neglected area of our homes getting the attention it deserves.