Spooky Spends!

New research estimates £419m will be spent by Britons on Halloween this year, up by 5% on 2017.

As each year passes, Halloween celebrations appear to be getting bigger in the UK, fuelled by images on social media and product lines developed by retailers. In 2017, 52% of Britons spent money on Halloween products and this rose to 85% for families with children under the age of 5 years old.  We have looked at how many homes this total estimated spend could buy on average in each region. It ranges from 3,401 homes in the North East where the average price of a home was £123,186 in August 2018, to 812 homes in Greater London where property is 319% more expensive.  Halloween participation levels also vary by region with the North East, North West and East Midlands regions the most active, where over 56% of consumers indulged in Halloween in 2017!