What moves you - selling for a loved one

Buying & selling your own house can be stressful enough but selling the house of a loved one can involve all of the same difficulties without the rewards for you of a new house at the end of it. 

Many of the people selling the properties of loved ones have a strong obligation to that loved one or to their memory in order to do the best that they can by them. Where loved ones are elderly or infirm, those selling have the worries of ensuring their loved ones are getting the right care and attention: time spent visiting hospitals or care homes can sap much of the free time needed for selling a house. Where loved ones have passed away, sometimes their property can be far away & it can be difficult to find a trusted agent to handle the process on your behalf.

Unless you are the surviving spouse of inherited property, receiving an inherited property can be a very long and complicated process. The executor of the estate and the courts can take months to divide the deceased assets. This is often a stressful process for all beneficiaries who are dealing with the loss but also the fact that they may need to sell the inherited property for financial reasons.

There are many reasons why people choose to sell the property of a loved one & we take our time to familiarise ourselves with your needs & expectations. The most common reasons are:

  • The loved one has become unwell suddenly.
  • The loved one is no longer able to cope.
  • The loved one has passed away.

Each of these objectives comes with its own set of expectations. Furthermore, some people have time to wait, others do not. We intend to demonstrate our understanding of these objectives to show you that we will be sensitive to your needs and will turn whatever constraints you may have into strengths during the selling & negotiating process. 

We recognise that there may be a number of factors pushing you towards a quick sale (bills to pay for the loved one, the costs associated with the adminstering of the estate of a deceased relative) but we would recommend that you talk to us first to see how we will be able to meet your neds. In an ideal world, you will be able to achieve your asking price in the right timeframe. It is currently a seller’s market and the time taken to sell properties is relatively short.