New Autumn Home Trends

New Autumn Home Trends

Thinking of redesigning your home in preparation for Autumn? In this article we look at the latest trends that are guaranteed to give your home a sensational autumnal look.

Artisan Fixtures and Fittings Are In

If you’re after something original and out of the ordinary, the rise of local artisan and online craft hobbyists has made a big difference to home décor. Having one or two items that have been made by hand can add a great deal of kitsch authenticity to your home.

From refurbished wood shelves and picture frames to crafted cabinets and furniture, there are hosts of small businesses offering something different if you take time to have a look around. A good place to start is Etsy which has some amazing home-crafted furniture and accessories.

Autumn Colours

Autumn means a colour range that adds warmth and a little serenity to your home décor. If you’re planning to touch up the paintwork, there is a great deal of choice. Greys, browns and subtle oranges all work well together. Try to match these with knitted throws and cushions in autumnal colours to add depth to your home design. According to Springfair soft tropics are very much on point this autumn, soft greens and tropic leaf prints are high on the list, style with gold accessories.

Velvet is Trendy Again

It’s often seen as a little stuffy and rather traditional, but velvet textures are making a comeback. Not only will velvet make a bold statement, it has that warm feel which adds to the ambience of your home as winter begins to take hold.

Velvet textured wallpapers, in moderation, will add a sumptuous feel to any room and a sofa or bed draped with heavy throws looks the perfect place to settle down and watch a box set for the evening or sip on a glass of wine.

Monochromes Are Still Modern

If you like clean lines and Nordic style designs, you’ll be glad to hear that shades of grey are still in. Done well, this can make an area like the living room look dramatic. Match your subtle grey shades with some black furniture to create a real contrast. Pay special attention to the carpet as this can act as the focal point and really help you build a space that draws you in. For this colour scheme think about light silver with darker grey rugs.

Wall Art

Wall murals were a fad a few years ago but they have seen a bit of a resurgence this year. A picture blown up to full wall size creates a stunning backdrop in the right room. All you need is a decent sized wall and a very experienced person to put up the paper so that it looks seamless. Top tip: try to choose a wall with very little furniture, so as not to lose the effect of the mural.

Add Some Greenery

As Autumn starts and the days begin to cool, we tend to keep the windows closed. Adding a range of different plants will not only add colour to your home, they improve the air quality as we head towards winter, particularly good in the bedroom.

Add a Little More Pink

Finally, pink seems to be the enduring colour for home design this autumn and that’s set to stretch into 2020. If you want something that is different from the traditional rustic Autumnal tones, there is plenty of variety to choose from. You might like subtle shades but there’s also the chance to go for vibrant, modern colours that really stand out.