How you know when you've found the right home

How you know when you've found the right home….

Finding your perfect home can sometimes feel like a long ongoing task, but once you’ve found the perfect home all the stresses of past houses seem to be forgotten. But you may be wondering, how do you know when you’ve found the one?

As soon as you stepped in you could see yourself moving in
Maybe you hadn’t even seen all of the property but as soon as you were through the threshold you had a feeling that you hadn’t felt in other properties. You were excited to continue viewing the property and you were already thinking about where your furniture could fit and how moving day will go. 

You want to go back right now

The viewing could have been an hour ago, or a week ago but you just can’t stop thinking about the property and rerunning the viewing in your head. You might have even driven by again and are already thinking about next time you can step back in.

You’re not hung up on the little things

On paper it might not be ‘perfect’ it might not have ticked every box or it might mean undertaking some work that you didn’t think you wanted to do, but these changes aren’t affecting how you’re feeling about the property.

You want to tell everyone you’ve found your dream home

Maybe it’s your first home and you excitedly called your parents to tell them you’d found the one, or maybe after a whole host of previous properties you’re sure you’re ready to tell your friends that this one is the right one.

You can see yourself, your family and all your belongings being in that home for years to come

Most importantly you can really picture yourself and your family making the move to this new property and making it your home. 

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