How to keep your home cool

As winter becomes a distant memory once again and the days get lighter and sunnier, the temperature is starting to rise. Whilst we all love getting outside on hot days, we all struggle with the stifling heat indoors. How many can say that they haven’t had a sleepless night tossing and turning in the heat? Even those with air conditioning, given the rising electricity prices are looking to keep their homes cool without using the aircon unit. If you need some cooling inspiration, take a look at these top tips to keep your home as cool as possible over the summer.

Sun Block

Perhaps the best way to keep your home cool is to stop the heat getting in in the first place. Get yourselves some thermal curtains or blinds and keep them closed, especially on the sunny side of the property. Typically, thermal curtains and blinds are sold on the basis that they keep heat in, but this means that they also keep heat out.

Open Windows and doors

It is tempting to keep windows and doors open all day, but that is simply a way to allow the hot external air into your home. It is best to keep the windows and doors closed during the hottest part of the day and only open them first thing in the morning and in the evening when it is a lot cooler. When you do open them, though, make sure you open them up at either end of the property to allow a through draft. If you can, keep your windows open overnight too and keep your curtains open. This will allow the cool air free access. We appreciate, though, that this is not always possible.

Invest in a fan

We all know that fans can be a real asset in the summer so it pays to have one, but there is a simple hack that you can use to make your fan even more effective! Put a bowl of cold or iced water in front of the fan. This will mean that the air being blown through the room is even cooler than normal without breaking the bank. Another great tip, if possible is to open your bedroom window and door and then place the fan in another room with an open window but facing that window. The fan will then cause a through draft in your home. If you have a ceiling fan then set its rotation to counter clockwise. This will push air straight down to create a cooling effect.

Get some plants

Did you know that plants are natural air conditioning units? They produce moisture which they release into the air, this has the effect of cooling the air around the plants. Great plants are Aloe Vera, Areca palm tree and a rubber plant. Don’t just think indoors, though, external plants running over a trellis can cause shade which can, when positioned just so, block the sun from getting inside.

Cook outside

We all love a good barbeque don’t we? Did you know that cooking and eating outside will also help keep your home cool as it reduces the amount of heat being generated inside. Less heat means cooler nights.

Use Cotton

Swap your sheets to cotton and ditch the duvet. Cotton has been proven to assist with temperature regulation as it is breathable and allows heat to pass through. Try to get sheets with a high thread count as these are smoother and less likely to tangle up around you.

Reduce your temperature

There are huge benefits to actually cooling your own temperature before bed. Take a short cold shower right before bed, this will cool you down from the heat of the day and make the night much more comfortable. For an even cooler night, wash your hair but leave it wet when going to bed.

Keeping ourselves cool at home when it is scorching outside is actually relatively easy and needn’t cost a fortune with an expensive air conditioning unit. These simple tips and tricks will have you sleeping comfortably no matter what the temperature.