How to Fit Everyone in for Christmas Dinner

Christmas dinner is such a special meal to be enjoyed by all the family but if you have a lot of guests descending upon your home and not enough chairs or room around the table, it can be a headache to try to fit everyone in. In this article, we look at some ways to ensure that everyone has a seat for Christmas dinner.

  1. Consider The Angles

If you’ve a lot of people to get around the table and your long table doesn’t really allow comfortable seating at the end, thus losing a valuable place, try turning your table to a different position in the room or a different angle to the usual placement. Diagonally works particularly well, releasing those all-important ends and allowing more people to be seated.

  • Use What You Have

Every single chair in the house needs to be called into action, along with stools, camping chairs and garden chairs – in fact, anything that can be sat on can be used around the Christmas table. For a more uniform look, drape each chair in Christmas fabric and secure with festive ribbons. If your table is a little small, consider bringing in camping tables, the garden table, or any other tables that you have, draping both in Christmassy cloth and joining together. If you have a kitchen/diner, setting some people up at the breakfast bar with stools is an option to keep everyone together but utilising the space and seats that you have.

  • Borrow or Bring

Beg, borrow, and steal! Well, not the last one maybe but borrowing chairs from friends and neighbours who might be having a quieter Christmas than you and therefore have spare chairs for you to call into service. You could also ask your guests to bring a chair each with them so you can be sure everyone has a place to sit and as they are bringing their own chair, they are guaranteed a comfortable place to sit and enjoy their dinner.

  • Try Out Benches

A set of foldaway camping benches or benches that you can borrow or store when not in use, draped in a festive fabric choice and adorned with cushions will help you to get more bottoms on seats than putting chairs side by side. If you can get one each side of your table, you can fit a great number of people with a truly cosy festive feel. Just be sure to warn anyone enjoying a little bit of festive cheer not to lean back or fall off the end!

  • Give Children Their Own Special Table

Children can have the excitement of their own special table in the form of a smaller table set near to the adults table, freeing up spaces around the larger table. Children will still be part of the festive atmosphere but feel incredible special with their own table for Christmas dinner. Go to town and decorate it in everything kids love, along with crackers and fun mini games to play.

  • Hire Seating

If you have your heart set on a beautifully matching dining set but don’t want a permanent new feature, then consider hiring some tables and chairs for Christmas. At you can hire a single chair or complete dining sets for Christmas and all at a fraction of the cost of buying your own, problem solved!

Hopefully one of these options will provide a solution to enable you to squeeze everybody in at feeding time this Christmas. The most important thing to remember is that you are all together for Christmas dinner, no one is really going to mind how things are organised, it will be perfect!