How To Create An Indoor Tropical Paradise

When Homes and Gardens published its list of the Top 25 design trends for 2021, a tropical theme was prominent on the list. With dreary changeable weather outside, a lush tropical paradise could be just the thing to bring colour and vibrancy and a taste of warmer climes right into your home. If done correctly, a tropical theme can stand the test of time and give you pleasure for many years to come.

In this article, we look at ways in which you can transform your interior space into a stylish taste of the Tropics.

Paint Colour
Bold or subtle? As a calming, delicate backdrop to accents in bold colours, soft blues, medium to dark greens and sandy beiges can evoke thoughts of sandy beaches, lush tropical foliage and the endless sky and warm, lapping sea. Or go full on with bright, punchy jewel tones or citrusy tropical colourways to brighten any space. Why not give a nod to warmth of the Spice Islands and paint in shades of nutmeg from Crown or mace from Dulux?

Natural Materials and Textures
Predominant in any tropical interior design scheme should be the use of natural textures and materials. Think rattan, teak, bamboo and wicker for furniture or accents. Bamboo can be used to good effect in the form of blinds (roll up or Venetian style) and dark teak furniture will stand out against your chosen paint colour scheme. Use gauzy linens and cottons to soften the look and luxurious silks to add a touch of opulence. Wooden or tiled floors with jute or sisal rugs and bark-cloth curtains will pull all your natural design elements together for the overall tropic look.

Tropical Plants
Whether you choose real or artificial, lush green foliage and vivid flowers, such as Hibiscus and Orchids are an absolute must for a tropical design scheme. Split-Leaf Philodendrons are the archetypal leaves when thinking of the Tropics, but palms, banana leaves and Birds of Paradise will all successfully add to the ambience. Some examples of plants you may want to utilise can be found in this handy tropical leaf blog.

Bold Prints and Accessories
Not into having plants inside? Go for tropical leaf themes on your accents and soft furnishings instead. Cushions, lampshades, ornamental accents, bookends and framed pictures in bold leaf prints, tropical shells, exotic fruits and tropical birds and wildlife can all set off a tropical theme. Why not match the lamp base too? A pineapple shaped base in opulent gold or bronze will add a feel of luxury. Continue the wow factor with gold picture frames and accessories. The amazing bright colours of the various tropical birds, such as parrots and macaws can also be used to stunning effect too. Need some inspiration? Head over to Sara Miller’s website she has a fabulous range of tropical soft furnishings, wall papers and kitchen accessories. 

Wall Coverings
For accent walls, wallpaper in bold geometric designs, lattice prints (to emulate wicker) or leaf prints can provide the perfect backdrop to your room. If wallpaper isn’t your thing, try hanging fabrics, throws or even rugs on the wall in tropical motifs and colours, to create interchangeable looks for your room.

We hope this article has whetted your appetite for experimenting with your décor and given you inspiration on how to create an indoor tropical paradise of your very own. Time to pour yourself a rum cocktail and admire your work as you relax under the gentle hum of a ceiling fan with wicker blades and your tropical paradise look is complete!