2018's record-breaking luxury items


  • A number of UK average-priced homes could be bought for the price of some of 2018’s record-breaking, luxury items.
  • In October, a 73-year old French Burgundy wine became the world’s most expensive bottle ever sold. The value of just one bottle could purchase nearly two houses in the UK. For car enthusiasts, the costs go higher. The record-breaking sale of a 1963 Ferrari 250 GTO, was equal to the purchase price of 213 UK homes.
  • Yorkshire born David Hockney broke the record for the highest priced work of art sold by a living artist this month, with a price tag equivalent to 286 UK properties. A month earlier a pink diamond smashed the record for the highest price per carat of any diamond ever sold.
  • In property terms, London’s One Hyde Park penthouse remains the most expensive property recorded as ‘sold’ in 2018. It equates to 655 average-priced homes across England and Wales.