Homemade Christmas Decorations


One of the things that we Brits love most about this time of year is decorating our homes inside and out. There is a huge selection of Christmas decorations that can be purchased from either high street stores or online, but have you considered making your own? Homemade Christmas decorations provide you with treasured memories each year you use them. We have searched the internet and chosen a few favourite DIY Decoration ideas to share with you, this is a great way to get everyone into the festive spirit and we guarantee the children will love it.

Fluffy Nostalgic Tree
Those of us with children have probably collected a host of odd mittens and have a small collection that our precious ones have grown out of. Why not create a nostalgic Mitten Tree from these gloves and have a beautiful, fluffy tree made of good memories.

Wonderful Wreath
Age UK Mobility have some great ideas but we particularly loved their Snowball Wreath which is something children can make with their grandparents. All you need is some spare balls of knitting wool and sprigs of evergreen that can be found in most British hedgerows at this time of year. Simply cut out a circular piece of cardboard and stick or sew the different elements to it. We think you’ll agree that they make a beautiful wreath.

Pinecone Elves
Why don’t you bring some nature inside and make these fun little pinecone elves? They are very fetching and can be used as either free standing ornaments or hung on your tree for that extra wow factor. 

Table Tree
Quite often, at this time of year, we like nothing more that a walk through the forest and there are all sorts of small twigs and branches lying on the floor. Take a few of these home with you and with some additional pine cones and a small string of battery operated LED lights you can make this amazing fairy-light tree to take pride of place on the dinner table.

Felt Decorations
Another fantastically fun homemade decoration to try is these beautiful felt decorations from Handmade Cottage. This does require some sewing skills and a steady hand, but we think they are lovely and would look good on doors, hanging from the tree or even above beds. Pop down to your local haberdashery or crafting store and get yourself some felt, a handful of buttons and give them a go.

Handmade Snow Globe
One decoration we would really love to have a go at making is this DIY snow globe. With a few easy to find parts and a little time you can create this beautiful snowy scene. You will only need a small, artificial snowy or glittery tree, some glitter and a jam jar, glue and of course some patience. 

The Smell of Christmas
How about something that doesn’t just look pretty but which smells amazing too?  We love this cinnamon scented tree from Good housekeeping. Definitely worth a try at home this Christmas.

We have had a lot of fun researching DIY decorations to try at home. Now all you need to do is decide which of these homemade Christmas decorations you want to try first. We hope you have fun!