What moves you - a growing family

A growing family can be a joyus thing. As parents, your attentions turn to bearing & raising children & wanting to do your best for them. This can bring with it a lot of responsibility. Moving with a younger family can offer unique stresses & strains: your children might feel worried, you might need help finding good schools, you might be moving away from your support network. 

There are many reasons why people with growing families move & we take our time to familiarise ourselvs with your needs & expectations. The most common reason for moving are:

Moving to be with families – sometimes families are started away from a support network (grandparents & wider familiy) & it can be nice for people to move closer to home. We recognise this as well as the keenness to move and can advise on the best selling strategy in order to help you get what you want.

Moving to be in school catchment areas – in order to do the bet for our children, we might want to move closer to good schools. There might be a timescale that we need to work to here & we aim to take this into consideration. 

Each of these objectives comes with its own set of expectations. Futhermore, some people with growing families have time to wait, others do not. We intent to demonstrate our understanding of these objectives to show you that we will be sensitive to your needs and will turn whatever constraints you may have into strengths during the selling & negotiating process.