Feature Front Doors

Often underestimated, the humble front door is perhaps one of the most important parts of your property. Not only does it provide an instant wow factor on the kerb appeal, but it is also the first line of defence as far as security goes and it is an essential part of your energy saving efforts.

Security and Energy

Before getting carried away shopping for your new funky front door, let’s take a quick look at the security and energy requirements for new doors.

From a security point of view, you will want a door that conforms to British Standard Publication PAS 24:2012 or equivalent. Letter plates should conform to the Door and Hardware Confederation’s technical specification TS 008:2021 and locks should conform to BS3621.

When it comes to Energy performance you will need to install a door with a U value of at least 1.4 W/m2K or with a doorset energy rating of at least B (unless over 60% of the door is glazed in which case this should be C). this is defined in Part L and of the Building Regulations.

Front Door Materials

Front doors can be made from several different types of materials from uPVC to composites to wood, to Aluminium, glass and even metal clad. Your choice will depend on the style of your property. You might want to opt for a stylish antique wooden door on an older property. For a more modern house composite doors or uPVC doors might be the right choice. For Ultra-modern properties you might decide to opt for a metal clad door for that wow factor.

Front Door Trends

This is where the fun bit starts. The choice these days is almost endless and we have picked out a few of our favourites from the different materials and styles available.


Wood is the most traditional material for front doors and reviewing the examples on the market it is easy to see why wood remains a popular choice. We loved this really contemporary malmo front door from Vufold with its oversized but clean looking stainless steel handle and three panes of glass to let in loads of light. This Hardwood Door from Direct Doors is a real talking point, with its novel arc shaped window gliding down the door, this door is a veritable work of art!


If you’ve ever considered that your home is your castle then maybe a metal clad door is the right thing to be looking at. This amazing door from Valeanto really does recreate the outside look of an old fortification or castle. Look at the grills over the window and that ornate handle along with those extra strong hinge outlines. This door really does scream “castle” entrance doesn’t it? For something more lightweight but equally stylish, we loved this aluminium door from Domadeco. With its clean handle and elegant minimalist styling this really is a standout front door.

Composites and uPVC

Composite doors are made from GRP rather than PVC and in keeping with the arcs theme from the wooden doors, we found this amazing composite also from Domadeco. Available in several colours and sizes, this door just looks stunning. Stained glass has always been a real head turner and this uPVC door from Just Value doors with its large stained-glass panel is no exception. Just imagine the way the sunlight will come into your home with this front door. When it comes to choosing a new front door, the choice is vast and the range of materials, styles and colours is astonishing. Let your front door reflect you, let your imagination run wild and create a unique first impression with a statement entryway into your home.