Easter Recipes With A Twist

If your taste buds are craving something a little different this Easter, then look no further. We have found some delicious Easter recipes to share with you. Some of the recipes we feature are reassuringly familiar but with a little twist, some are a refreshing change and some are just plain fun. Have a look through our selection and see what tempts you. Will it be the cheese and chilli hot cross buns, the ice cream eggs or the avocado cocktail?  

Cheese and Chilli Hot Cross Buns

In recent years we have seen a wide variety of wonderfully creative takes on the traditional hot cross bun. This savoury cheese and chilli hot cross bun recipe from Delicious Magazine is something else!

Eggy Bread

When was the last time you had eggy bread? Jamie Oliver’s eggy bread recipe is quick and easy to follow and will make a delicious Easter Sunday brunch. I am intrigued by Jamie’s serving suggestion of adding a dollop of natural yogurt and some strawberries, does it go? Only one way to find out!

Easter Egg Cheesecake

Now this recipe for an Easter egg cheesecake from the BBC we are all totally get on board with, although I think they are slightly optimistic thinking that there are leftover Easter eggs, who has those? Be aware this recipe requires the cheesecake to be chilled overnight, so best prepare this the day before.

Easter Cocktails

One for the grown ups after the younger ones are settled and are happily munching on their Easter delights. Waitrose have collated a range of interesting cocktails for the Easter festivities. I am not sure how I feel about the Mint chocolate ‘avocado’ cocktail it certainly looks interesting and, on that basis, it has to be worth a go!

Spiced Slow-Roasted Lamb

This simply stunning spiced slow-roasted lamb shoulder recipe from Tesco is rated 5 stars by their readers. If it turns out anything like the picture you can see why! You will need plenty of time for this recipe, 6 hours marinade time and 5 hours to cook but it does look like it is worth it!

Simnel Slice Tart

A delicious twist on an Easter classic this Simnel slice tart recipe from Sainsbury’s is still jammed full of dried fruits and almond but in tart form. Yum!

Spring Risotto

If you are looking for something lighter than the traditional Easter Roast, then this Spring Risotto from Lakeland is a strong contender. Featuring leeks, spring onions, asparagus and parmesan this is a beautiful recipe full of the taste of Spring!

Ice Cream Eggs

A fun and quirky Easter recipe, this ice cream egg recipe from Good House Keeping is a real novelty! Served in eggshells (start saving these now) this tasty desert is relatively quick and easy to prepare if you have an ice cream maker. You can have lots of fun serving them up in egg cups with shortbread soldiers!

It was quite a difficult job choosing which recipes to feature in this article, there are so many wonderful alternative Easter recipes so, this year why not try something a little different? As hard as it was for us to choose what to include, it is going to be even harder for you to decide which ones to try out. Enjoy!