Does Your Property Have Kerb Appeal?

Does your Property have Kerb Appeal?

Whether you are a landlord looking to attract the best tenants or a homeowner wanting to sell up, we take a closer look at the all-important first impression of your property from the kerbside and give tips and advice on what to pay attention to.

What is Kerb Appeal?

When someone drives or walks past your property, what do they see?

According to psychologists, it takes us just 7 seconds to form an opinion of someone. The same principle is at work with how your property looks from the outside.

While the inner rooms may be wonderfully stylish, you can often lose potential buyers or tenants who can’t see beyond the façade of the front of your house. Kerb appeal is all about setting the scene for your prospective tenant or buyer from the outside

How to Create Kerb Appeal

The first thing to do is stand in front of your property and take a look at it from an objective perspective. Does it make people want to come inside and find out more? If so, you’re on the right track. If not, you may want to address these key areas:

Clean the Path/Driveway

Your driveway or path from the front gate to your home is an essential asset in drawing the potential tenant or buyer’s eyes to your front door. Paths, patios and the like can get covered in moss or weeds so make sure this area is kept neat and tidy.

Investing in a power cleaner makes light work of the job but a vigorous sweep up to get rid of debris now and again won’t go amiss either.

Spruce Up the Garden

It’s amazing what a few plants and properly trimmed hedges can do to help add kerb appeal. Even if the garden is paved over, putting in pots with colourful flowers and a few hanging baskets can make all the difference.

Regular maintenance and watering will ensure that your flora stays in tip-top condition. Even in winter, there are many plants that can add a new dimension and colour to your garden such as Japanese quince and heather.

Check Over the Paintwork

One thing that can turn people off is if you have peeling paintwork or damage to the exterior of your home, particularly if they’re looking to buy. It means they’ll have to do the work for themselves and that can be a big put off. Check areas like the fascia’s and soffits and wooden structures that might need refreshing, give them a fresh coat of paint if needed.

Doors and Windows

Clean windows are an absolute minimum because they say something about what’s inside your home. Your front door should be a focal point – if it’s made of wood, give it an update with a new stain or colour. If it’s UPVC or plastic, you can get products to bring out the original sheen and make it sparkle.

People tend to look at your front door and windows with both security and warmth in mind.

Clean the Pavement

Of course, the pavement outside your home is the council’s responsibility but a quick brush and wash down won’t do any harm. Ensure you keep your front of house clear of litter and other debris at all times.

Not Just for Viewings

Remember this important first impression maybe photographed and placed on one or more of the online property portals. As soon as your Board goes up, whether it states: “To Let” or “For Sale” you need your property to be giving the best possible first impression. Simple changes and a few updates will make a huge difference to your kerb appeal and should attract more viewings, not least from people who happened to be passing by.