Bourne | March Update

Spring is coming…

So yes, I’m plagiarising that famous TV show again, but i’s true. Spring is closing on us at speed and I don’t doubt that all of us are grateful for that. Warmer weather, longer days, what’s not to like. It’s time to don the rubber glovesand do the big spring clean, then wade into the brambles festooned wastelands that once were our back gardens. Who knows what terrors may lurk in the towering long grass and weeds but we will be victorious, the quest for the barbecue and kid’s bikes shall not be in vain. All of us will likely be doing these mundane jobs, but many of you also have ulterior motives. The Spring Market approcheths and with it, the promise of more buyers and new properties to view. It’s always been a great time for the market, in my many years in estate agency, it has always been one of the high points of the year.

So what can we do to be ready for the hordes of buyers that will soon descend upon our homesteads, build a great wall to hold them at bay? Quite the opposite, it’s time to unfurl your For-Sale boards with pride! Let them come and gaze upon the wonders of your Spring clean and decluttering via Rightmove and Zoopla. Let them see the wonderful laytout of your castle with your accurate floorplans. Have the finest sales team in all the land show them around your home to maximise the chances of selling. Command a King’s ransom for their troubles, for you will have laboured in the wilds of your back garden, taming dragons, for nothing less than asking price glory!

Who will lead you on this lofty quest I hear you cry? With the Knights of Newton Fallowell at your side, victory will be yours! Call us today and book your Spring consultation with us and we’ll get you ready to be King of the Castle this Spring. 

Phil Bell, Senior Valuer at Newton Fallowell Estate Agents Bourne