Bank Holiday D.I.Y

It's the last bank holiday of the summer and one of the busiest weekends of the year for alot of DIY shops.  Having an extra long weekend is the perfect opportunity to get those jobs or improvements done that keep being put off!  But many home improvements can cost more than the value they add……

Improvements such as new flooring and replacing kitchens and bathrooms (the most popular home improvements) are unlikely to yield a profit for many homeowners.  The average cost of a new kitchen is £7000, twice as expensive as the estimated value it adds to a property, however it does make a house more saleable.

78 home improvements 01
     In comparison, energy improvements, such as a new boiler, at an approximate cost of £2000, can increase the price of a
     property by close to 4%.   
     While a fresh coat of paint may add little to the value of a property, such improvements undoubtedly encourage prospective
     buyers through the door.

     Have a great bank holiday weekend everyone and be careful
     with those tools!