Where do buyers hide then?

News at Newton Fallowell | 22/06/2016

My wife made me laugh this morning, she picked up a leaflet that had been posted through the letterbox, studied it for a few seconds in dramatic theatrical silence and then asked me a question;

“Where do buyers hide then?”

The leaflet was announcing that “We know where your buyers are”, suggesting, in her mind at least, that they congregate in a hidden enclave somewhere waiting to be tempted out by wily Estate Agents, who have managed to track them down.

Her next question, “don’t you just put the house on Rightmove?” is actually what made me laugh.

In essence her second question is accurate, an Estate Agent will put houses for sale in the best place to display them to as many buyers as possible in the shortest time.  Rightmove or Zoopla are the best known examples of these electronic, internet based notice boards. Or the place where your buyers are waiting to be tempted out.

It all sounds a little light hearted and obvious so far but it masks a problem.  The problem is that the job of an Estate Agent, done well, is far more complicated than ‘finding a buyer’. Of course this is part of it, usually the end part.  But the process and skill employed before then is very precise and specific.

If I marketed your house on a first come, first served basis for £100, do you think I would struggle to find a buyer? Would I struggle to find thousands of buyers? No of course not.

Would you be able to afford to move if I sold your house for £100? Only after you had successfully sued me.

The problem here is not the Estate Agent’s it is yours.  If you engage an Agent who is concerned primarily with selling your house and matching you with a buyer as fast as possible, you may have issues.  You may find yourself wondering who the Agent is working for, as they repeatedly ask you to reduce the price.

If they sell it immediately, do you wonder if it was undervalued?

Before your house even goes on the market you should have a marketing plan agreed.  This should take into account your individual circumstances and needs and conform to a timescale that suits you.

Your Estate Agent should take from you the problem of selling your house and manage the whole process for you. 

At Newton Fallowell West Bridgford we run through a bespoke marketing plan and keep you informed week by week as to the progress against that plan.

Why don’t we sell your property properly and you never know, the buyers might just find you.

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