Have I left it too late?

News at Newton Fallowell | 11/10/2016


With the summer nearing an end (dare I mention it!) I've been speaking with many home movers over the last few weeks all asking the same question; 'Have I left it too late to sell this year?'

It would be easy as an estate agent for over 17 years to say, 'Of course, no problem, there's plenty of time and I'll get the for sale board erected tomorrow!'

Clearly for everyone this won't be the case. There will be some who have plans to relocate for example and this could take some time in searching, researching and planning the logistics of a move, but for a large majority it is still wholly possible with a little planning prior to 2017.

These factors are worth considering;


Traditionally the Spring is seen as the 'best time to sell' however families will have had chance over the summer to discuss moving plans. Now that a new school term has started, these plans are often put into action and a fresh wave of sellers come to the market looking to move but also looking to buy. October is often as good as a Spring market so taking advantage of this knowledge now can put you ahead of those waiting until next year to sell.


I believe that the desire to move is far more important than rising house prices. So many press reports detail average house price increases from one month to the next, but what most genuine home movers really care about is whether there is a suitable property to buy and if the move is affordable. Statistics fill newspaper columns but in real life buyers buy and sellers sell because of genuine reasons. More space needed. Less space needed. New baby. Divorce. Downsizing. Whatever the reason, it's most likely to be because a life changing need or desire to make it happen.

Taking action will set wheels in motion and this gathers momentum meaning a very possible chance of moving before Santa arrives!


Professional photography draws buyers in especially when shot with full sun, a blue sky and lush green grass. There's still time before all the trees drop their leaves to achieve this. The seasons have shifted and I remember this time last year filling the children's paddling pool up in my garden because of a late burst of good weather. Exceptional marketing material should only take a few days to prepare in most cases so not as long as you'd think.

A weekend getting ready by throwing out or donating unwanted items is advisable prior to the estate agent visiting for photographs.


Although I hope this autumn burst of activity would bring a flurry of buyers, huge demand and a premium price, inevitably as we approach the late winter months less buyers will be around. Don't despair! Although this can mean less potential buyers viewing your property, those who are prepared to brave the colder weather, wind, rain or snow are more likely to be serious about buying a house.

Three serious buyers as opposed to ten casual viewers can often be more satisfying so don't lose heart if less buyers come through in the later months of the year because a sale is still possible.

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