Convert your spare room into a playroom!

News at Newton Fallowell | 22/11/2016

Why you should convert your spare room in a playroom!


Mark Newton, managing director of Newton Fallowell and a member of the Guild of Professional Estate Agents, gives advice on how to make the most of a spare room in a family home by converting it into a nursery or children’s playroom fit for a young prince!

Creating a nursery or children’s playroom is a great way to make the most of a spare room in any home – palace or not – and will add to its value, particularly if it is being marketed to families. With a nursery you can create a safe space for the infant, a room that is free of potential trip hazards for instance, and save the bedroom for when they get older and can sleep in a bed.


A small spare room next to the master bedroom would be ideal for a crib placed free from draughts, a nappy changing table all set and ready to go, as well as a rocking chair by the window for parents and their babes in arms to while away the hours.


With a nursery you can really go to town regarding its decoration by choosing a theme from colourful balloons to fluffy ducklings. You may want to choose a mural, picture or matching cot covers. If you don’t know the gender you may wish to opt for neutral colours such as cream, yellow or pale green. Also consider how you might use the room in the future and how easy it will be to redecorate.


Regarding storage, the rule of thumb is estimate how much you will need – and create twice as much. Babies accumulate more paraphernalia than we can ever bargain for, with presents from eager grandparents, relatives and friends.


Storage and keeping the rest of the house relatively toy free is a good reason to turn a spare room into a children’s playroom too, especially for those households which count a number of generations amongst their family, from grandparents to teenagers and infants.


Having a dedicated space such as a playroom means that all the toys and playthings of the little people of the house can be kept in one space and here they can play until their heart’s contents without the fear of granny tripping over Buzz Lightyear.


The playroom, or nursery for that matter, can be a magical place within the home, where parents can enjoy quality time with their little ones; where they can learn and develop through play – and importantly, it can keep noise levels down in other areas of the house!

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