Bourne | July Update

News at Newton Fallowell | 14/07/2017

Is summer time the right time to move?  Yes, it is!

Gardens look lovely, blue sky in your photos will make your neighbours green with envy and the buyers like to move with time to get in for new School places later in the year.  The added bonus of moving home when the weather is good is also an obvious benefit when planning the big day.

So, what is going on with the housing market now that we have had all this drama with the election?
You’ll not be too surprised to hear that people still need to move home regardless of what the politicians are up to.  We’re all part of our democracy and whether we rent or own, we’re all part of the housing market too.  So, let’s get involved, we can do both and we should do both.  All the parties are aware the housing market needs some TLC, all the parties are promising to help as much as they can.  Whoever is in power and whatever they want to do we’ll all still be wanting to upsize or downsize.  To quote The Who, “Meet the new boss, the same as the old boss.”


Don’t get the Summer time blues, let’s get out there and get our dream home. With Newton Fallowell on board, we’ll make those dreams as solid as bricks and mortar in next to no time.